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7 Signs You Are an Exceptionally Intuitive Empath

We live in an “ocean of movement”. There is nothing in this beautiful universe that does not vibrate at the atomic level.

As an empath, lightworker, or intuitive person, you may be very sensitive to the feelings of others and the energy around you, because the ether that binds the fabric of reality literally builds up around us at all times. It is incredibly mind-boggling to think.

The truth is that we all have the power to manifest our desires, but it is the people who cultivate a level of discernment with the energy they experience at first hand who determine what flows easily and what is hampered by metaphysical resistance.

Discover 7 signs that mean you are an exceptionally intuitive empath:



1. You know about things before they happen:

You might have a bad feeling in your gut or a feeling of optimism that something will work for the better. Either way, you “know” in your heart that a result will happen before hearing the news.

All “knowledge” should not be bad news. Have you ever had the feeling that someone was pregnant? Or have you thought of an old friend and then they contact you unexpectedly? Your body often feels energetic responses as a way of discerning what is going on.

You might feel a stomach feeling, an itchy hand, hair standing up on your neck, butterflies, etc. It is a personal identification process.




2. Certain situations make you uncomfortable:

People who are very sensitive to energy are often easily stimulated by sensory experiences such as loud noises, food, and crowded places. Anywhere that has been heavily populated by human beings, an empath’s senses will go into overdrive.

As your “superpowers” grow, you should train yourself to find the blessing in all situations rather than letting the fear of feeling the different energy fields keep you separate.




3. Your detector is always on:

You are more than likely to be an expert at reading body language, the words people choose to use, and the energy patterns you can identify in others. It is beyond judgment, it is in a space where you see the truth and the reason why someone presents a less than harmonic vibration to the world.

If you “know” something about someone, keep it to yourself. Friendships/relationships could be damaged.

Just because you have a super-duper detector doesn’t mean you will always be right. The detector works on intuitions and, if used effectively, chooses to send love to the energy of deception, mischief, and negativity because another human being suffers and deserves love. The reason you have the detector is to do deep spiritual work on yourself.

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4. You have clear visions:

The intuitive can see things with precise clarity in their minds. They can see what they would like to manifest – they see the details and are super-qualified to translate the vibrations into a visual format that helps them identify the messages of the Universe given to them.

Write down all of your visions or flashes.




5. You feel soul-soul connections with people:

More than likely the people you are close to in your life, you feel like you have known for lifetimes. Maybe you are part of a union of twin flames or a soul mate?

People with a very high level of intuition are excellent at attracting the right people into their lives to support their gifts and understand and support their experiences.




6. You need time to recharge your batteries:

A very intuitive person and someone who is sensitive to energy must retire in solitude in order to recharge their soul battery. This is imperative in the process of sharpening and using your gift wisely.

Whether it’s spending time in nature or watching Orange Is The New Black on Netflix, it’s alone to recalibrate your soul and it’s extremely important to do so.

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7. You manifest power and you know it:

Being a conscious creator is so important because when you actively take charge of your reality, you can control your destiny.

Anything can happen to you and you have all the tools you need in your spiritual toolbox to be well, no matter what the Universe brings to you.



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