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Do You Have any of These Six Psychic Senses?

Like a river, spiritual information is constantly flowing. Sometimes sensitive people naturally reach and touch these rivers of information. 
Sometimes it happens that these capabilities are also related to radio waves that we synchronize to capture different frequencies. This information is received by our highest senses or psychics, and we are generally more dominant in one or both directions.

Some people who naturally perceive these other dimensions may be a bit overwhelmed by them at first. This requires time and practice, but it can become a controlled and even entertaining experience over time.

We have five basic senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. We also have psychic senses. Usually, we align these senses with our five basic senses, as this makes it easier to understand and manage. We also add a sixth sense in the list of these senses because there is a higher sense of intuition which is important when studying psychic abilities.

The psychic senses all start with the prefix “clear” protocol, the old French word “cler” and the Latin “clarus”. More closely, this consists of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairalience, and Claircognizance.



1. The clear vision is known as Clairvoyance.

Widely known in the utility of opening the third eye to see beyond what our normal eyes are able to see. Through meditation, people can use it for remote viewing of distant places, other moments and even visions or glimpses of a possible future.

The level of visible accuracy depends on the skill. Just as some people have a better vision than others, some people faithfully capture every detail and color while others just get glimpses of faraway places and must discover what that means. People with clairvoyance sometimes become artists to express the information they perceive.



2. Auditory clarity is known as Clairaudience.

Clairaudience is the ability to hear voices from beyond. Sometimes people hear music, words or sounds in their mind that are beyond what we are normally able to hear. For example, they will hear a piece of music indefinitely repeat in their head and find out that their best friend has listened to it all day long.

Often people with such a gift will become musicians, dancers, singers, speakers, or writers. Sometimes their connection to music is so powerful that they almost have extracorporeal experience at the time of listening. Their connection to the vibration and meaning of words can also be beyond the average person.



3. Smelling clearly is known as clairalience.

Clairalience is the ability to feel smells that are beyond the physical world. Some people may smell the smell of a particular brand of cigar or perfume from a loved one and know they need to give them a call.

They can also have a very developed sense of smell and detect weather changes and prevent future storms. Sometimes people who have great abilities in this area take full advantage of tea ceremonies, wine tasting or gardening.



4. The clear tasting is the Clairgustance.

Sometimes people are able to taste beyond what is in their food. For example, someone might feel that a restaurant’s food tastes bad even though everyone seems to like it. What would that mean? That the chef was in a bad mood and that what they taste is the negative energy transmitted through the food?

In addition, they can pick up the food tastes of their friends and loved ones. Sometimes to the point of suddenly wanting one of your grandmother’s best dishes after she’s gone, and that can be a vibratory connection with the other side.

As you can probably guess, people who are dominant in this area often enjoy cooking and trying exotic foods. They can practically taste the culture and the story behind the food and can be very picky. These people are able to detect harmful toxins in their food and as well as GMOs.



5. The clear feeling is known as the Clairsentience and also has strong links with empathic abilities.

Clairsentience is being able to see through a friend or a spirit. It is a faculty that is often recognized in twins when one physically hurts and the other feels it. Sometimes, mothers will suddenly feel the pain of their child, or if he is hurt and even if he feels bad in his body.

The other phase of this is emphatic abilities where emotions are shared. Have you ever been deeply upset without knowing why? Then find out later that your best friend was really angry or upset? We are more sensitive than we think and we can accidentally feel what others feel. People who are extremely sensitive in this area can walk along a street, pass by a complete stranger and be overwhelmed by their emotions.

People who excel in this sense often seek a way to relieve people’s pain. They become healers, therapists, motivational speakers, and deeply sensitive and understanding friends.



6. Clear knowledge is called Claircognizance.

Claircognizance is being able to know the events or the people, and in fact, there is no other way to know it. It’s knowing intuitively that someone needs help or that there is an earthquake happening on the other side of the planet. Sometimes this gift warns you that something will happen in the future so that you can be wise and prepared.

Although this gift may be confused with the gift of clairvoyance, it is precisely to know on a deeper level than just to see. Often this gift is related to faith and divine direction. Believe and follow your intuition, and the flow will take you where you need to go in life.


Can I have all the senses?

Yes. We all have these senses, but sometimes they sleep or wait for us to reactivate them. Sometimes even we had an experience or two in each of these areas, but we learned to shrug as if it was a mere coincidence. 

What we must all do is first realize and recognize that we are experiencing something real; then we will be able to reinforce all senses through practice and meditation.

Have you ever had one of these experiences? What other experiences did you have with your psychic senses? Share your ideas in the comments! 
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  1. Ariel

    So today I spoke to a psychic online and I was explaining to him how recently from 2017 to 2020 I felt like a different person. My ways, my interests, my view of life, my personality basically everything was completely different about me.
    I don’t feel like the same person.

    I Explain to him about recent dreams that I have had that actually manifested in real life, and actually having a A strong feeling which are usually like voices in my head telling me not to do something or Telling me not to go somewhere. Usually the outcome are always bad when I ignored those feelings and thoughts in head. After explaining to him all of these experiences, he explain to me and tell me I have five different gifts which is telepathic, Precognition , Astral Projection, Remote Viewing and Healing hands. So he gave me some exercises to practice on controlling my gifts-

    I Always felt like somethings was wrong with me psychologically. And I’m really just glad I got some answers to all the bizarre and unusual things that I have been an experiencing. if anybody is out there reading this trust me you’re not crazy and it’s not just your hands well maybe it’s in your head but Its real and you’re not crazy you’re not going psychotic you are just merging into your higher self and tapping in using the gifts that you have.

  2. Brenda Cochran

    I had a dream about an acquaintance passing away. Couple days later ran into her ex-husband. I mentioned the dream to him he asked which wife he had just remarried. I confirmed it was his x and said her name. Few days later she died he told my family members to call let me know I was right. Also experience death in threes all my life.

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