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The Most Powerful Technique to Remember Your Past Life

Many of the techniques for recalling past lives involve a regression system, where through a hypnotic state we try to access stages previously unattainable to our normal consciousness. The whole system is connected with what is called the “awakening of the mind”, where experts and practitioners say that the act of remembering previous lives is defined by “… awakening to know who we are, where we came from, where are we heading, and what our mission is… ”

There are a number of techniques for remembering past lives. It is recommended that you are always under guidance and in the presence of a professional, trained and qualified in this type of procedure, but there are some ways to apply regression to past lives on your own and in a very simplistic way.



Preparing the environment:

The first step is to prepare the entire environment, the setting is very important for this process because external stimuli will considerably influence the results. The chosen location must not have a very large thermal amplitude, being at a pleasant temperature for those who will undergo the process; the light should not fall directly, so it is better that the curtains be closed.

Sound influences such as white sounds (like the noise of a TV connected to a channel without transmission) or pink sounds (the sound of a waterfall, for example) are allowed and even beneficial to drown out other sounds. Noises such as a regular TV, radio or telephone should not be present.

The next step is to look for a place to lie down or sit at an angle, the important thing is to be in a totally comfortable and relaxed position; the body must be loose in order for self-hypnosis to be conducted.

Another important thing to mention is that the choice of time of day that this self-hypnosis will be made is of equal importance since the body and the mind need to be calm. Situations like being hungry create unwanted distractions.

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Concentration and focus:

1. This is the time when you must use your ability to concentrate and focus. After lying on your back with your hands at your sides, you close your eyes and then focus on the image where you are being bathed in light.

2. The image to be obtained is that of being surrounded by white light and, you should make sure it is illuminating your feet, legs, knees, thighs, going up to the torso, arms, neck, to the face, and to the top of your head. This imaginary light serves as a shield for all negative influences and should provide a feeling of comforting warmth.

3. As this connection with light is strengthened, you need to repeat in your mind five times the words “I am breathing in powerful protective energy. This energy is building an aura of protection around me. This aura protects me at all times, in all ways.” As you repeat the words, keep the energies around you concentrated in order to strengthen your words.

4. The next step is to imagine a path ahead, like a long corridor that ends in a big door. This path must be observed with the greatest number of details possible, for example being entirely ornamented in golden tones and gems, like a Gothic cathedral or even like a large forest; depends on how you like to imagine it.

5. This corridor is the materialization of the path to a past life, and it must create access in your mind to that past. It must be clear in your mind that when you open the door at the end of the path you will be connected to a previous life. Each step taken inside this corridor must be very firm, clear, and carried out with great desire, feeling, and with the presence of odors, sounds, and the color of the light surrounding you.




7. Before opening the door, hold the handle firmly, feeling its texture and maintaining your confidence that you will find many revelations on the other side, we should welcome everything on the other side with open arms and then turn the handle gently.

8. Perhaps what we find is something a little abstract and not very clear at first, but everything that comes is part of your construction as a human being and you may need time and patience in order to remember it. The return to the present must take place naturally due to the process’s own wear-and-tear.

If nothing happens the first time there is no need to be discouraged, you can try to remember the past lives a few more times with different techniques or look for a specialist hypnotherapist, who has tools and knowledge that you do not possess. Certified hypnotherapists will know how to guide each step very well, have different techniques, and can analyze the data presented much better.

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