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The 4 Types of Soulmates Who Have a Crucial Role in our Lives

We tend to imagine a soul mate as the perfect romantic partner or partner who will accept all aspects of our being. We believe that we will live happily ever after, with this intelligent, fun and encouraging person. But in truth, it is far from being so simple.

The soul mates are part of your soul’s family. These are the souls who come for a reason. They can be part of our family, our friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even enemies.

We all have soul mates and when we meet other souls in our lives, these encounters lead to friction between the two energy forces that can have different, intriguing and stimulating effects. Some souls will have the feeling of knowing each other forever, others will come into conflict and some souls will be completely at ease with the other person.

Some souls will urge us to grow in love and wisdom, while others will help us learn difficult life lessons or universal truths. All souls we meet are able to offer a significant transformation in life, even if the meeting lasted only a few seconds.

Soul mates are our own mirrors, they reflect our own souls. Here are some words to help you distinguish between the deep soul bonds you may experience in your life:


1. The soulmate of friendship.

This is the most common type of soulmate. These are the people in your life who are in harmony with your ego, your intelligence, or your emotions. You share the same tastes, the same interests, the same beliefs, and the same values.

Although this relationship is not as deep as a relationship with a twinflame, it is not very confrontational. These souls can become teachers, but in principle, you choose this soul mate of friendship when you have the same perception of the world.



2. The teacher soulmate.

These are all the people in your life who are here to teach you a lesson. They do not need to teach you intentionally, but they often put you through difficult situations that you have to overcome and learn from.

Teacher soulmates can be family members, friends, acquaintances… and even enemies. These souls are here to teach you something. For example, some teach you to become more patient or develop greater compassion for others.

Frictions in these relationships are often caused by a lack of recognition of something in us. We resist the lessons these soulmates teach us. We must be open to change in order to get the lesson.



3. The Soulmate.

This soulmate approaches you without romantic attraction. They may be men or women, friends or family members.

Very often, the relationships developed with these people will give the impression of knowing them forever. With a soul mate, there is a deep understanding of the other person and the feeling that you are both in tune with your thoughts and emotions. These relationships often last a lifetime.

They also play the role of soulmates of friendship and teacher soulmate, as they experience ego harmony with us, help us grow up without the frictions of a fellow teacher because they share with us the journey with love.



4. The twin flame.

Finding our twin flame is like finding a piece of ourselves we missed. Many say they develop a greater sense of fullness in the presence of the other person. Twin flames share compatible life goals and their spiritual nature is often in phase. They also feel very comfortable when they are together and never find this well-being in other relationships.

On the other hand, the development of a person’s soul age plays a vital role in the relationships between twin flames. Mature souls, for example, are better able to find their companions because they can experience a more peaceful and joyful love. This love can be based on an unconditional affection that needs significant spiritual development to overcome the fears and possessive attachments involved in the most typical relationships.

In the end, we must not forget that there is no better relationship or worse than another. All of these relationships play a specific role in our spiritual growth and healing.



Why soulmates come in our life.

There may be 3 reasons why soul mates can enter our lives: for a reason, for a season and for life.  It is essential to distinguish because it allows you to know what you need to expect from this connection.



If the meeting is for a reason, it is usually about meeting a need in your life. This can be for guidance, assistance during difficult times, support, depth of conversation or just a physical, emotional or spiritual presence for you.



These people can be catalysts for sharing, growing and learning, or they can come at a time when we need to overcome our fears of vulnerability. Or when we have to discover a passion we did not know about. These soul mates disappear once their mission accomplished.



These are usually twinflames that teach us lessons so deep and complex that it takes a lifetime of loving growth with the other to assimilate it deeply.

In these relationships, one’s strengths are used to reinforce the other, and the harmony between the two is so peaceful and fluid that it often lasts a lifetime. These relationships are rare and precious.

With these lessons and moments of shared happiness, it allows us to evolve spiritually.

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