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We Only Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime

In life, we really fall in love with only three people. There is a very specific reason why this happens: we need to live three different types of love to evolve.

Each of us really falls in love with three people who are different from each other and each one leads us to experience a precise nuance of love. Between these three types of encounters with the other person and love, only one will be able to last very long, sometimes forever.

Perhaps in your life, you have not yet experienced all the following three types of love, perhaps because the right time has not yet come.

Or maybe you’ve had them but right now you can’t recognize them.

Only a few times we have the good fortune to meet a person who at that particular moment we consider really suitable for us. Not because it is a perfect person, but because together you have managed to find a very deep agreement and you have really felt like you have done for each other.

Here are the three main types of love stories we can meet in life.


Love from ‘Fairy Tale’

Love from 'fairy tale'

Fairytale love is what we dreamed of watching romantic movies and TV series. Perhaps we also thought it was easy to reach to get that happy ending that would allow us to live happily ever after. In reality, this kind of love shows us how difficult it is to be what we are not.

Perhaps you have created what was a beautiful couple only in appearance and that was positively judged by other people. In reality, you were living a fiction, not a true love, and you realized it. You have ceased to give too much importance to the opinions of others and have begun to think about your greatest needs. You were in love with a fake prince charming.



Love that hurts

Love that hurts

The love that makes us suffer is the most difficult of all. It is a true ‘toxic’ love. You were hoping that this love was different and better than the previous stories but it wasn’t like that. This love has taught you much more about yourself than you could have imagined.

Lies, quarrels, and manipulation are the main points of this toxic love in which you have felt trapped for a certain period of time. You have endured the torment of negative emotions for at least one phase, hoping that everything would be better.

It was not like this, the story is over and you have opened up new horizons. You had fallen in love with someone who could only make you suffer.



Unexpected love

When this love arrived you weren’t waiting for it, you weren’t ready, you were thinking of everything except falling in love. When you met the person who then made you fall in love you felt very hesitant, you were not at all sure that it could be suitable for you and at first perhaps you underestimated it.

At a certain point, however, you decided to set aside all your pre-packaged ideas about love and started to live a truly new experience, difficult to explain. With this new person, you have begun to find unexpected connections. You have found the right person for you.

What is or was the greatest love of your life?

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