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Saturn Retrograde 2021 Brings Amplified Karma and Painful Energies

Saturn will enter its annual retrograde from May 23 to October 10, 2021, under the sign of Aquarius. During this time, Saturn will travel backward through the zodiac, retracting its steps from 13 to 6 degrees of Aquarius.

When ancients witness a retrograde, they believed it was entering the underworld and traveling through the shadows of our subconscious in order to unearth messages and wisdom we may have missed.

Saturn retrograde can be a time of limitation, restriction, anxiety, and fear. Recently, as we entered the retrograde zone, you have probably dealt with issues related to your duties and responsibilities as it relates to dependents and careers.

This retrograde could easily be one of the most painful we’ve been going through this year and maybe it’s something we all should keep in mind. When Saturn is in retrograde, karma comes full circle and is amplified.

Saturn retrograde will provide the opportunity to recognize or admit the issues that you have faced. Things can get out of hand and some intervention or dramatic turn of events might need to happen to pull you out of the black hole you have entered. B

y the time Saturn goes direct, you should be able to deal with current issues and be ready for your next phase of life.



General information:

Saturn stations retrograde on May 23, 2021, at 13° 31′ Aquarius. The strongest influence on Saturn retrograde 2021 is Saturn square Uranus, which also happens to be the major planetary influence in 2021.

Saturn square Uranus is a very difficult influence. However, Saturn retrograde 2021 gives the Moon, Venus, and the North Node triple harmonious aspects. The resulting grand trine aspect pattern gives the opportunity to overcome the obstacles created by Saturn square Uranus.




Saturn retrograde aspects:

Saturn Square Uranus represents the tests and challenges posed by Saturn Retrograde 2021. It can bring about restrictive changes that you don’t want. It also makes it harder to make the kind of changes you want.

So Saturn Retrograde 2021 could be very frustrating with the tension rising and the sudden and expected changes. But with the help of the grand trine, you can stay open-minded, patient, and flexible. Challenges can then be turned into opportunities to let go of negative, restrictive, and limiting beliefs, behaviors, and structures.

Your personal rights and freedoms may also be limited. If your duties and responsibilities become too oppressive, it is best to make adjustments during Saturn Retrograde 2021, before they crystallize as new structures in your life.

It is best not to force the change you want, but to adapt to changing conditions. Now is not the time to resist change, nor to overreact. A thoughtful, methodical, patient, and step-by-step approach is preferable.

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Saturn retrograde Grand trine:

The trine aspects represent the solutions to those problems associated with Saturn square Uranus. Moon trine Saturn brings emotional balance, responsibility, and determination to achieve your long term goals. Mutual respect and understanding make your relationships practical and beneficial, especially with men and superiors.

Valuable advice comes from elders and leaders. Success and recognition lead to satisfaction, contentment, and increased self-esteem. Venus trine Saturn brings true love, loyalty, and commitment. A new romance could be with a past life contact or someone from a different age group and would likely be a long-lasting soul mate union.

Existing relationships benefit from closer ties and stability. Mutual respect and concern for practical results helps you to solve the problems created by Saturn retrograde 2021 square Uranus. It is also a good aspect for finances.

Moon trine Venus brings love, tenderness and harmony. The increased charm, beauty, and popularity make Saturn Retrograde 2021 a great place to hang out with friends and make new friends. You can attract genuine and honest love.

Sex will feel more intimate, romantic and pleasant. Your creative potential will be unleashed and the trine aspects to Saturn will materialize works of beauty. Saturn Trine North Node can help lift the limitations and restrictions associated with Saturn Retrograde 2021.

It gives wisdom, patience and practicality. Good relationships with elders and authorities can help you achieve your ambitions. It also gives a good sense of timing and helps you become more independent, mature, responsible and self-disciplined.

When you work constructively, organization, patience, methodology, and self-pacing are combined. There is no limit to the potential achievements you can achieve. Saturn is a very interesting planet that changes a lot for all of us.

Trust yourself during this time, examine your failures, and work to move forward. Whether you like it or not, karma is coming, so postponing things won’t do you any good. The further you move away from these influences, the more important they will become in your life.

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