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Spiritual Test: Choose a Buddhist Monk and Receive a Powerful Message

Buddhist philosophy is one of the wisest. It guides us to more conscious and happy lives, teaching us that everything is ephemeral and that we need to work on our behaviors to evolve and build prosperous and happy lives.

Buddhist messages are very powerful and help transform lives! We present you some of them today in a test format. In the image, there are represented 6 Buddhist monks and each of them keeps a very special message!

Choose your favorite monk, and then scroll down to discover the little message of wisdom he has for you.



If you chose the First Monk:

If this monk was your choice, you will stand out by your ever affectionate, cautious and peaceful behavior with life and the people around you. You understand that negative feelings only belittle us and do not help us evolve. So try to be better every day.

However, you may sometimes have a tendency to judge internally people who choose to act other than yourself. Understand that each of us lives his own journey and that we must not judge others, we must simply respect them and offer them the best of us. Your heart is very big, strengthen it with more empathy and everything will be better.




If you chose the Second Monk:

If you identify more with this monk, you have a very happy and optimistic soul, always able to see the positive side of everything in life. You know that positivity is a very valuable asset, so you are mostly talking to people who help maintain that state of mind.

In addition, you love to nurture your spirit of experiences because you know that they are much more valuable than material goods. As you always prepare for a new adventure, you often have trouble keeping your mind under control. You already have everything you need to live fully, put a little more order in your mind and the doors of opportunity will open for you.




If you chose the Third Monk:

If you identify with this smiling monk, you see the world in a very special way. All that exists around you is a tool to improve not only your life but also that of those around you. You are very faithful to your way of seeing life and do not leave your authenticity aside to be accepted by others.

You have a lot of talents, especially with regard to manual activities such as drawing, crafts. However, you need to have more confidence in yourself and your abilities, because your doubts can prevent you from realizing all that life has prepared for you.




If you chose the Fourth Monk:

If the active monk was your choice, you tend to be more guided by reason than by emotions. You believe that the mind can lead you to better results and so you always look for a logical justification for everything you do in your life. You also like to read and discover new things to improve your knowledge of the world and you are always ready to have constructive conversations.

You are used to isolating yourself from social life to find peace and silence and that’s good because we all need personal space, but just make sure that this habit does not become harmful. In a way, we all need human contact.




If you chose the Fifth Monk:

If this monk is the one who caught your attention, you are very person-oriented towards your life goals. He is dedicated to conquering his dreams and is motivated by challenges because he relies on himself and his ability to conquer. With your preparation, you can easily get out of trouble and delight your friends with your wisdom.

Your main challenge, however, is to develop the patience to wait for things to happen. Everything does not happen when you want it to happen but at the right time. Life follows its own pace and we can follow the flow.




If you chose the Sixth Monk:

Choosing monk 6 means that you are mostly organized and a perfectionist. You believe that the world needs many changes and you are committed to promoting these transformations, starting with your personal life.

Your great sense of responsibility often makes you work beyond your limits. That is why it is essential that you learn to take the time to rest and share responsibilities with those around you. This way, your life will be less hectic and your work will be able to offer you more positive feelings than just stress.

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