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Spiritual Vibration Test: Find out if You have High or Low Vibrations

Through the Spiritual Vibration Test, you can measure your own vibrations and discover essential information to help you raise them.

The results you will get could also help you determine the high and low energy parts of your personality. Highlighting your strengths and working on your weaknesses will help you increase your vibrations easily.

The test is relatively simple. Take a sheet of paper and draw a line in the middle.

Name the left side “Low” and the right side “High”, and note down all the following signs that apply to you.



Test of spiritual vibrations: signs of Low vibrations

Put all applicable signs from this list in the “Low” column.

  • Anxiety plays a vital role in your daily life. You often avoid doing things because of this.
  • Patience is not part of your qualities. You can not stand waiting and can not find peace when you have patience.
  • You always see the glass half empty. You focus more on the disadvantages.
  • Some people say that you are narcissistic.
  • The most important person in your life is you. The needs of others go after yours.
  • Nature is not present in your life. In reality, you do not see the natural world as attractive.
  • The idea of ​​being connected to a “higher power” is totally foreign to you.
  • When you listen to your intuition, it is focused on your ego.
  • You prefer discord and disharmonic music.
  • Your language is often described as vulgar, offensive and inappropriate.
  • You drink alcohol first and foremost to get drunk, rather than just a social lubricant.
  • You constantly think of the past. Prospective thinking is not your strong point.
  • It’s been a while since you try to learn the same lessons, without any sign of progress.
  • Winning is much more important to you than simply participating.
  • Empathy escapes you, making it difficult to understand the emotional state of others.
  • Life seems completely useless to you. You have not found any purpose for yours.
  • Reaching the emotional balance has become a challenge for you.
  • You feel good when you criticize others, so you tend to do it often.
  • You do not laugh often, lack humor in life and tend to take things too much to heart.
  • You make fun of people who do not fit your ideas about social norms.
  • Your diet and exercise program is poor or non-existent.
  • In general, you accept things as they are rather than asking for changes.
  • Money is one of your priorities in your life.
  • You are surrounded by negative energy, and people who also emit negative energy.
  • Children are generally afraid to approach you, and may not even come at all. They might think you are too harsh.
  • You love horror movies.
  • You tend to force others to carry your burdens when they become too heavy.
  • Making fun of others is a nice pastime for you.
  • You think animals should be treated like toys, workers or food.
  • You attach great importance to material things.
  • You do not see how the universe is nested and connected, and remain ignorant about universal consciousness.




Test of spiritual vibrations: signs of High vibrations

These signs should appear in the “High” column because they are the traits associated with high vibrational energies.

  • Love is your first emotion and you try to spread it as much as possible in the world.
  • Patience is one of your qualities.
  • You forgive easily and do not hold grudges.
  • You never forget to say “please” and “thank you”.
  • When you do not feel anchored, you go to nature.
  • Your glass is always half full.
  • Higher power plays an important role in your daily life.
  • Generosity is the most rewarding thing for you.
  • You have better things to do than watching TV.
  • Your intuitive abilities are highly developed and serve you well.
  • The music must be inspiring or uplifting for you to enjoy.
  • When you use bad language, it is measured and necessary.
  • You rarely drink alcohol, except in society.
  • Even if you learn from past mistakes, you do not dwell on them. You live in the present moment.
  • Teamwork is one of your strengths.
  • Empathy comes naturally to you.
  • You can see the purpose of your life and live to reach yours.
  • Emotional balance is essential for you.
  • You have a lot of humor.
  • Life is an incredible journey for you, even the bad times are beautiful lessons.
  • You sincerely appreciate the work of others.
  • Synchronicities follow you everywhere.
  • Your body is your temple and you take good care of it.
  • Curiosity feeds your tendency to question everything.
  • You attract positive people.
  • Spirituality has become essential in your life.
  • Kids love and admire you.
  • You often find the answers to your problems inside you.
  • Animals and nature resonate within you.
  • You are aware that the whole universe is connected by consciousness.




Interpreting Spiritual Vibration Test Results

Now that you have your two lists, count the number of items you have in each.

Subtract the number in the “Low” column from the number in the “High” column to get your final score.

If your score is less than 10, then your vibrations are very low and you should immediately work on it.

If you are between 11 and 20, then your vibrations are low to medium. You still have some work, but you are on the right track.

Finally, if you have more than 21, it means that your vibration frequency is high.

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