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5 Things that Happen when You’re an Awakened Soul on Earth

Warriors of Light is the term we use today to describe the awakened people who are aware of the situation on our planet. These lightworkers increase enlightenment to another level.

These five things will happen once you accept your role as a lightworker in this world.

5 things that happen when you’re an awakened soul on Earth:


1. You become more compassionate.

As a lightworker, you are attracted by children, animals, the elderly and nature. You prefer to sit down and talk with a homeless person, and then participate in an “important” social event.

Your kindness is real and you never need to take revenge. You feel satisfied only when you help those in need. You are fully aware that healing comes from the heart.



2. The lightworkers are not afraid of death and dying.

The lightworkers are not afraid of death and dying

Death is only a doorway to another level of existence. Many of these people have had close encounters with death, have been extremely ill or have overcome many life obstacles.

Their journey allows them to let go of the illusion that death is final. Lightworkers accept that life is transcendental.

As a lightworker, your task is to keep your heart open, cultivate your conscious mind and help others survive the transition we are going through.

It’s not your job to change someone. Your presence represents a significant improvement in spiritual evolution. You are not alone.



3. You will begin to notice that you do not correspond to any group or school of thought.

The feeling that no one can understand you is getting stronger and stronger. You feel that you do not belong to this world and you want to “go home”. You can hardly bear the things you once tolerated.

The lightworker is not interested in the media or anything else that people accept as “normal”. Spirituality becomes a way of life and you do not feel the need to follow a religion or philosophy.

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4. You simply know things.

You simply know things

You do not need words anymore. As a lightworker, you experience deep emotions and need space and time to pray, contemplate and meditate. Overcrowded places can easily overwhelm you because you are sensitive to the energy and vibrations of others.

You feel others without obvious communication. Lightworkers need to be isolated to recharge their batteries because the reception and filtering of other people’s vibrations can suck energy.




5. People always tell you about their problems.

There is a beautiful thread of light that connects the warriors of light to other people. Their hearts are open and people feel safe to confess their secrets, confide their problems and share their personal experiences with them.

The lightworkers are attentive listeners who help others in times of trouble by transmitting universal wisdom.

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