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Take this Intuition Test to Understand What You Need to Do to Evolve Spiritually

During our journeys, we face many daily challenges that can degrade us and make us think of giving up. It’s common and it happens to all of us at some point in life, but that does not necessarily mean the end of our dreams and plans.

As we place self-awareness as a priority and learn more about how we view life, we evolve spiritually and see everything that happens to us and surrounds us more wisely.

This test can reveal what you need to work on to evolve spiritually and live more fully. You just have to look at the picture below and memorize what you saw. After that, keep reading the text to find out what the result reveals to you.

Take this Intuition Test to Understand What You Need to Do to Evolve Spiritually

If what you saw first was…



People’s necks:

You are aware of the reality of today’s world and do what you can to make your life and those around you as happy as possible.

It’s great, the world needs generosity and understanding, but everything has to be balanced. You often forget yourself halfway and as a result, your life is never as you would like.

In order to evolve spiritually and build a better life for yourself, prioritize and find a balance between taking care of yourself and those around you. You deserve to be as happy as those who are dedicated to helping others.




Some trees:

You have a very expressive soul and you use your creativity to connect to the world. Your skills are inspiring and make people around you see the reality with more beauty and purity.

However, you do not believe enough in yourself. Often, you underestimate your talent and ability to transform the world with your art and your love.

To evolve and have the life you deserve, you must start to trust yourself and surround yourself with more people who support you.




The neck and trees:

You seek to find a balance in all areas of your life. You set boundaries in your relationships and try to keep in your life only what is good for you. Your authenticity makes you an admirable person, but there are still internal problems to solve.

To begin living as you wish, you must free yourself from the past. The things that happened a long time ago must be overcome so that your life can continue. So better open yourself to the opportunities that exist in the present.

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  1. bas koesveld

    i saw a neck and clouds first what does this mean?

    1. Lesley

      I just saw a head of clouds. with the trees in back ground .. I’m not sure how we get clarification on what we saw

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