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Take this Spiritual Test to Understand Your Relationship with the World

A simple test consisting of a short visualization and some questions to answer can reveal something interesting about our personality, in particular, to better understand how we relate to the world.

The spiritual test helps us to understand more deeply what our emotions and our behavior typical when we relate to others and the world around us.

To perform this test correctly you will have to start from the visualization and then proceed with the answer to 10 questions, which will be followed by the results, to be read only after you have finished giving all your answers.

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To begin this test relax, focus only on yourself and listen to your inner voice. To answer each question try to write down the first thing that comes to mind, without thinking too much, to avoid those events or opinions of others being introduced into your answer.

Go to the analysis phase only when you have taken note of all the answers to the questions. Always give sincere answers.

Before starting to answer the questions visualize yourself while you are in the middle of a forest.



1) Visualize yourself standing in the woods together with a person. Who is it?

2) You are crossing the forest and you see an animal not far from you. How big is this animal?

3) Imagine the scene in the details: what happens when your eyes meet those of the animal?

4) Keep walking through the trees until you find a house. It’s the home of your dreams. How it is made? How large is it?

5) Is the house surrounded by a fence?

6) When you enter the house you see the dining room. What’s on the table and in the room?

7) Leaving the house, go through the back door and find a garden. On the lawn there is a vessel, what material is it made of? Which shape does it have? What is it?

8) What do you do with this vessel?

9) Beyond the garden, see the water; is it a pond, a lake or a river?

10) How do you cross it to continue your journey?




1) The person you have imagined is the most important of your life.

2) The size of the animal is the same that you attribute to your problems.

3) The way you have reacted to the animal indicates how you deal with problems, for example passively or aggressively.

4) The dimensions of the house you have seen correspond to your ambitions.

5) If the house did not have a fence, you are an open person and you feel free, but if you had a fence, you are a person who has their own space and wants to be respected.

6) Flowers, dishes, food, and people in the dining room indicate happiness. If the dining room was empty, it is a sign of melancholy.

7) The material of the vessel represents your ties with the family, whether they are strong or weak; the dimensions indicate how much weight the family has in your life and in your decisions.

8) How you decide to use the vessel has to do with the person of the first question. Do you leave it where it is or take it with you?

9) The dimensions of the course or the water mirror indicate how important sexual desire is to you.

10) If you try not to get wet to cross it and for example take a boat or you want to build a bridge, you are not very interested in sex, but if you go swimming or wading, sex is very important for you.

Do you agree with the results obtained?

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