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The 7 Deadly Sins of the Relationships

Anyone who has ever been in the dating world, who is just about all of us, knows that certain relationships inevitably fail. And despite the obvious warning signs, many of us don’t even see it coming.

But, if you can recognize it before it is too late, there are ways to work towards a peaceful resolution. While many of these may seem obvious, there are others that most would not even consider. Yet, for whatever reason, they are the reason why our relationships fail.




1. Being dependent on your partner to make you happy:

In a relationship in which a person depends only on his partner to make him happy, the partner can become overwhelmed by the responsibility of making his lovers happy.

There will be days when, whatever they do, they cannot make their partner happy because they are not the source of their unhappiness, which will eventually exhaust the relationship.




2. A lack of confidence:

Trust is one of the most necessary aspects of a healthy relationship, and yet many people do not trust their partners 100%.

However, even when you are suspicious, it is best to be sincere and speak with your partner. Learn to be open and sincere, express your concerns before the situation gets worse.




3. A difference in expectations:

Everyone approaches their relationship with expectations for themselves, for their partner and for both in the union. And although it will be easier at the start to sweep the subject, it will eventually appear.

If so, if it is not resolved and both parties choose not to compromise, the relationship will inevitably fail.

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4. Lack of appropriate communication:

Communication is one of the main reasons why people find themselves in couple therapy. It is also one of the main reasons for break-ups and divorces.

It is important that both partners are able to voice their concerns and speak to each other effectively.




5. Addictive behavior:

In the cycle of drug addiction, the substance of choice inevitably becomes the lover of the dependent person. Because of this, the addict cannot show his or her full love to another person without the drug coming first.

If you or your partner are addictive, you may need to ask for help to make your life and your relationship last.




6. Time: too much or too little

There is a fine line drawn in the sand for each relationship for a perfect balance of time. You see, for two people to grow together, they have to bond and hang out with each other. But when they spend too much time together, they can start to feel suffocated.

Conversely, if you don’t spend enough time together, your bond can go down, which eventually leads to a broken relationship.

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7- Chewing on each other:

While more obvious abuses lead to failure in relationships, the subtle selection of each person’s faults ultimately leads to the same thing.

When you constantly attack the person you love, they may begin to feel devalued by their partner. For the most part, this is a breach of contract.


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