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3 Romantic Partners You Might Mistake For Your Twin Flame

There are beliefs and teachings that a twin soul is someone with whom you have agreed to meet before coming to this world. However, that doesn’t mean they will come into your life exactly when you want them to.

You have to go through many obstacles, challenges, and personal development before the two of you end up resonating so strongly to get closer. To make matters even more complicated, many people will come into your life and they will seem to be the right one.

In case your gut isn’t as precise, watch out for those soul mate lookalikes that most people assume are their true soul mates. Three partners you could confuse with your twin flame:



1. Our regular crush:

Having a new crush makes you feel excited and inspired. It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling as if this person is something really special, almost magical. You start to feel the butterflies in your stomach. You are emotionally drunk.

When you look for signs, you notice that you have mutual interests and even the same tastes and opinions on many different subjects. But all of these things don’t mean that this person is your soul mate. We tend to justify what we want to believe by finding evidence of that belief while filtering out everything else.

Wait for your initial emotions or feelings to subside. A true soul mate is beyond similarity. They don’t have to like the same things as you. A true soul mate gives you the impression that you are both in perfect harmony despite the logical proof. In fact, you don’t even bother looking for proof, you just know!

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2. Our complete opposite:

You May Mistake These 3 Romantic Partners for Your Twin FlameYou could be one of those people who are attracted to the exact opposite person. And at the beginning, it will seem that they are there to teach you something, to change you, to develop you. It could be really fun and exciting, just like with a soul mate.

It’s perfectly normal, you can both learn a lot from your differences. You can always find something in each other that keeps you from getting bored. On the other hand, being with someone you have nothing in common with will cause difficulties in the relationship over time.

Also, you don’t want to be with someone you can’t be comfortable with, and if that’s the case, they’re not your soul mate. Your soul mate will always put you at ease to be open to all your passions and interests. They do not care if it is the opposite of what interests them. With your soul mate, there is no opposite, the fire between you does everything as a whole.




3. Our family’s idea of twin flame:

There are times when you are swept by the influx of your emotions as you follow your heart without a second thought. And you may be right. But sometimes what we feel and what we assume is why we feel can be 2 very different things.

Very often, the person that most people call to be their soul mate is actually an idea of a soul mate that their parents implanted in their belief system when they were young.

Other times, people are attracted to someone who reminds them of one of their parents. Either they want to compensate for the emotional neglect they had with their parents, or it is the only true love they recognize in this world. They, therefore, project this idea and reconstruct a similar relationship.

But a true soul mate is not conditioned by any idea. A true soul mate is someone who resonates with you beyond the model of your belief system. So if you are looking for your soul mate, always be aware and keep in mind that not everyone who comes is the right one.

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  1. Cassie

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to start off saying this especially when I go long story short so here goes. I have my first true love got married divorce being got with someone who kinda seemed so much like me but he was abusive. He would come & go throughout the 11 years we were together which I wouldn’t see anybody else although we wasn’t together 4 the longest time. Then I would occasionally talk to guys in between our breakups up but wouldn’t ever choose anyone over him (abusive guy) till one day I did. This guy did not always treat me the best but I couldn’t stay mad at him & honestly I would choose him over anybody always & hated it. Cuz he (Bob) didn’t treat me right until all the sudden something seem to change but as he was changing towards me I had already met a guy that made me actually 4 the 1st x believe in love at first site & not get back with (Bob)who I remained great friends with untill s/t happen I can’t talk about yet still. Ok so the new guy (josh) we was just supposed to be fwb but something happened I could feel his emotions for me. But I never said nothing & one day he said he felt s/t so strong a connection that he had never felt before & didn’t understand it I felt it also. Every time we would get too close he would take off. This went on for like 2 years but things would happen things, I feel stupid saying like I got a bad feeling about him outta nowhere a friend & I was walking & I stopped with anxiety saying s/t wrong..” I have a bad feeling about. Josh” now we had not talked in 2 months. Three week after the feeling I found out that he got in a car wreck but after I got the feeling it don’t makes sense. Other things like this use to happen also but then stopped 4 a few months. Well 4 some reason I messaged a guy in jail (yes in jail) but Idk why this person wasn’t like one of my good friends it wasn’t acquaintance. All I said was hey heard u got locked up hope your doing ok. This was like 2 months ago & I keep telling my friend I didn’t like the guy like that Idk why I messaged him. Well last week I found out he was in the same cell with Josh which I just find so odd. But I feel like I knew what love felt like or what it did like for me to love somebody at least but I’ve never felt this way before. I’ve been what I thought was in love with two other men and never felt like half of me was missing and it was pointless to even try to sleep with somebody. I mean I have sleep with someone but it wasn’t the same. I have an interest in sex & don’t get me wrong I have other reasons that I haven’t really went out with anyone b/c I know I can’t keep my life on hold for someone whom don’t seem to want me. Despite the fake profiles made up that he thinks I have not caught on to from ⌚to⌚ of him checking my social media which is childish I know. One more thing I don’t get is his friends with a few ex’s that wasn’t I guess to meaningful but can’t seem to be with me. And when he left he said he just got bored it wasn’t me I’m an awesome person you know the hole is me not you thing. But that’s not like him I hate to say he does have to have not only up to anything with other people that he goes wrong I don’t know anyways someone’s opinion other than move on b/c I feel that’s a given I have no choice. So I guess I’m just wondering the intensity of things. Like we could go weeks without calling each other & all the sudden at the same time be calling each other but have to leave a voicemail b/c we was all the sudden calling each other. Just crazy things like that. Maybe I’m just losing my mind if you say that it’s okay I wouldn’t blame u I’ve never believe in soulmates or twin flames before him anyways. But ok if any of this reply is messed up I apologize I’m having a hard time with my phone trying to correct stuff thank you for taking your time to read this & even more so if you reply but not really really rudely please. I was going to leave the reply if I found something along the lines of a statement I used to make. But I guess I can go ahead & leave it on here. I always use to pick around & say I swear in another life I was the devils wife & I’m only here to suffer for it. It started out just b/c I have been through so much stuff but I wouldn’t even want to tell people because I know if someone were to tell me I probably would not belive them but I did tell a therapist who said she can’t believe me and I had had more things happen to me and my lifetime than most people do in three or four. And honestly not sure why she even believe me nobody else has but anyways now back to my point is I’m starting to wonder if making that comment has somehow a scare me to say it out loud but effected me if u know what I mean. Now I’m pretty sure I do sound like a psycho. ??? Okay anyways please it would be nice if you would not answer to mean as unfortunately I wear in the heart of my sleeve & can’t help it or I would

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