3 Romantic Partners You Might Mistake For Your Twin Flame

3 Romantic Partners You Might Mistake For Your Twin Flame

There are beliefs and teachings that a twin soul is someone with whom you have agreed to meet before coming to this world. However, that doesn’t mean they will come into your life exactly when you want them to.

You have to go through many obstacles, challenges, and personal development before the two of you end up resonating so strongly to get closer. To make matters even more complicated, many people will come into your life and they will seem to be the right one.

In case your gut isn’t as precise, watch out for those soul mate lookalikes that most people assume are their true soul mates. Three partners you could confuse with your twin flame:



1. Our regular crush:

Having a new crush makes you feel excited and inspired. It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling as if this person is something really special, almost magical. You start to feel the butterflies in your stomach. You are emotionally drunk.

When you look for signs, you notice that you have mutual interests and even the same tastes and opinions on many different subjects. But all of these things don’t mean that this person is your soul mate. We tend to justify what we want to believe by finding evidence of that belief while filtering out everything else.

Wait for your initial emotions or feelings to subside. A true soul mate is beyond similarity. They don’t have to like the same things as you. A true soul mate gives you the impression that you are both in perfect harmony despite the logical proof. In fact, you don’t even bother looking for proof, you just know!

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2. Our complete opposite:

You May Mistake These 3 Romantic Partners for Your Twin FlameYou could be one of those people who are attracted to the exact opposite person. And at the beginning, it will seem that they are there to teach you something, to change you, to develop you. It could be really fun and exciting, just like with a soul mate.

It’s perfectly normal, you can both learn a lot from your differences. You can always find something in each other that keeps you from getting bored. On the other hand, being with someone you have nothing in common with will cause difficulties in the relationship over time.

Also, you don’t want to be with someone you can’t be comfortable with, and if that’s the case, they’re not your soul mate. Your soul mate will always put you at ease to be open to all your passions and interests. They do not care if it is the opposite of what interests them. With your soul mate, there is no opposite, the fire between you does everything as a whole.




3. Our family’s idea of twin flame:

There are times when you are swept by the influx of your emotions as you follow your heart without a second thought. And you may be right. But sometimes what we feel and what we assume is why we feel can be 2 very different things.

Very often, the person that most people call to be their soul mate is actually an idea of a soul mate that their parents implanted in their belief system when they were young.

Other times, people are attracted to someone who reminds them of one of their parents. Either they want to compensate for the emotional neglect they had with their parents, or it is the only true love they recognize in this world. They, therefore, project this idea and reconstruct a similar relationship.

But a true soul mate is not conditioned by any idea. A true soul mate is someone who resonates with you beyond the model of your belief system. So if you are looking for your soul mate, always be aware and keep in mind that not everyone who comes is the right one.

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