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The 8 Stages of a Soulmate Relationship You Will Need to Go Through

We all want to meet our soulmate, that person who can read our minds, read in us like in an open book, and guess what we think just by looking at us. We want to offer unconditional love to this person.

And when we finally meet this soulmate, we know it deep down. The things of the universe then begin to go in our favor. We totally accept each other. Soulmates, however, should not be completely identical as they are above all complementary.

They are completely mutual in areas where they have more difficulty. The person sees us for the person we are and accepts us in their entirety. When there is a soulmate relationship, the heart and soul are truly recognized.

The two people accept each other with their qualities and their faults, they do not try to change the other and there is no judgment or criticism. In this kind of relationship, it is kindness that takes precedence.

Discover the 8 stages of a soulmate relationship:



1. The “right person” myth becomes reality:

We have always learned that we will meet the right person one day and that it will fill us with joy. However, we experienced several chaotic love stories that ended in a breakup. Because of our different disappointments, we end up believing that these people don’t really exist.

However, when we meet our soul mate, we realize that it was not just a myth. We realize that he has also invested a great deal in meeting us. We find it hard to realize this is true, but we are trying. This person can let us know about a love that we thought was unreal.




2. You recognize the reason for your existence:

When we start to accept that this person has had experiences similar to ours, we realize that we had to reach this stage of our life to accept this kind of relationship. Our soul mate arrives precisely when we need to learn a precious lesson about ourselves.

In general, they enter our lives when we are already in a serious relationship. It offers us deep wisdom that we need to hear in order to evolve.

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3. You fall in love:

There is a real difference between loving a person and falling in love. We love our parents, friends, and family. When we meet our soul mate, this form of love cannot measure the intensity and passion of our other half. You must not force love or seek to give it meaning.

Our heart knows something that our mind is unable to analyze. Falling in love is the simplest thing. Soul mates are not blinded by reality because they are their own world. This is the phase of pure ecstasy because we let our hearts love unconditionally.




4. You start to see all aspects of yourself:

In all relationships, we learn a valuable lesson. When the routine begins to set in and our passion for the beginning subsides, we begin to observe many aspects of ourselves. Our soul mate also reflects the dark parts of our soul.

This is where we learn to heal, to forgive, and to accept all of our aspects. We must not forget that we live in duality: darkness against light, good against evil, etc. We must then be mature enough to realize that we have to do soul work in this human experience. This person will highlight all facets of our being.

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5. You want to distance yourself:

This love story is so deep that it can seem stuffy and scare us. We recognize parts of ourselves that we are not ready to see. The first stages of a soulmate relationship look like a chase. At this point, the two soul mates begin to realize their similarities.

Fear and anxiety become our companions in the judgment of selfish decisions. We don’t know if we want to continue.




6. You surrender:

The pursuit becomes exhausting. At this stage of our relationship, we realize that we are going to have to adjust certain things. We are then both ready to take up this cosmic challenge. We see that we have to work as a team and that we will get there together.

When we put our ego aside, you feel the fear dissolving. It is at this moment that we become aware of the soul contract which was concluded several lives ago. It is during this phase that we can find peace in a union.

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7. You challenge yourself:

Soul mates encourage each other. Our soul mate will give us unconditional support. This will not prevent us from pursuing our objective. Sometimes soul mates separate for a while during this transition, because they are focused on their own lives.

However, they continue to support each other out of love and respect for each other.




8. You are one:

With our soul mate, we become an engine of love, empathy, and compassion. And it becomes contagious for everyone around us. Soul mates recognize each other’s vibration and frequency and become one. Our hearts recognize why we need each other. We are here to make a difference in our lives.

When two soul mates meet, it’s miraculous. They learned to trust synchronicities, intuitive whispers, and divine wisdom. Soul mates are capable of staying loving and improving the purpose of the soul. It is thanks to them that we continue to believe in fairy tales.

Thus, the lessons that we learn throughout our journey with our soul mate remain and help us to evolve and to mature our soul. This relationship transforms us forever.

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  1. Shane McConnell

    Hello, I am wondering who wrote this article so that I might reach out for some further guidance? This write-up on the 8 Stages really checked every box for my soulmate and I. It was an amazing relief at first…we are currently in Stage 5 and it is becoming really tough for her to move forward into the next stage but she is suffering as well …
    Honestly, it really only has been 5 days 😂, but it seems like an eternity of torture for me! If the author of the article does not provide this type of guidance or counseling, would anyone have a referral to a spiritual therapist with the same beliefs/likemindedness? Thank you!

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