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Seven Signs that Reveal your Vibrations are Increasing

The “vibrational shift” is the change of consciousness from a low vibration to high vibration.

Usually, it is seen when a person experiences a spiritual awakening. This change of vibrational energy allows the person to explore his or her central purpose in life.

The signs that indicate this vibratory change can change from person to person.

But here are some signs that can be noticed in all those who are living the spiritual awakening process:


1. Gratitude.

You feel that you have all the things you need and you are grateful. You review your desires and wishes down.


2. More creativity.

You do not want to stay in old ways; instead, you want to try new and better ways of doing things.


3. You no longer let yourself be manipulated.

You will not let other people’s rules direct you because you follow your own rules.


4. Greater empathy.

You are able to put yourself in the place of others and are therefore more caring and loving towards people.

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5. Increased self-awareness.

Self-awareness is associated with your behavior with others. You do not want to hurt anyone.


6. More controlled emotions.

You live more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions. As you better control your emotions, you can let negative thoughts pass without letting them affect you.


7. Open mind.

You are now looking to adopt new and better ways of living in your life. You are curious and open to change.

There are several other simple things you can follow if you discover that your vibrations are increasing  :

– Praise forgiveness.
– Be nice every day, or at least try it.
– Do not expect others to give you what you give them.
– Meditate every day.
– Step away from negativity.
– Be open to love.

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