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The Most Common Lie You Tell, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Every person on this planet has lied at one time or another, and some have been for very good reasons. There are things that we try to hide from ourselves and our emotional vulnerability, as well as things that we simply prefer not to share with others.

What is the lie that your zodiac sign is known to tell? Make sure to let us know in the comments if this is right for you.



Aries: “I’m okay.”

Aries, you like to promote the image of force, so if you aren’t okay, you will keep it for yourself. However, you’re not good at hiding it, so you might be annoyed by people asking you all the time if you’re okay, maybe try to smile more.

Also, it’s okay not to be okay. You are not as unbreakable as you think.




Taurus: “I never lie.”

Taurus, you like to appear morally perfect and upright. You want others to know that your choices are the right ones, and you want others to turn to you for guidance.

To continue, you simply cannot be known to have lied. Even if you lie from time to time (it could be to spare someone’s feelings), and you even lie about lying.




Gemini: “I’ll get back to you.”

Gemini, you are not the best at communication. Whether it’s because you’re going through your introverted phase, or you’ve just forgotten (again), you probably won’t be texting or calling them back.

It is not your fault that you are not so reliable about this, you just have too much in mind.




Cancer: “I’m almost ready.”

Cancer, you are struggling to make things work on time. You might say that you only need 5 more minutes, but everyone knows that it will take you at least half an hour.

You are known to miss deadlines and be late, but everyone always appreciates your business when you finally show up.

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Leo: “It’s not a big deal.”

Leo, it is a big deal and you know it’s exactly how you feel. But for some reason, you are trying to minimize how much it affects you.

Everything is important to you actually, and it’s because of your huge heart. You feel everything so deeply.




Virgo: “I understand.”

Virgo, it’s normal not to have all the answers all the time. You don’t need to understand everything about the Universe and how it works, even if you are known to be super intelligent.

It’s good to say “I don’t understand”. Try it and see.




Libra: “I won’t tell anybody.”

Libra, you trust others and get along with everyone, so it’s only natural that you want to snuggle up against juicy gossip. It makes you feel like there is a solid bond in friendship if someone trusts you with their secrets.

Unfortunately, you can’t keep them, because you also want to trust other friends, so you share a secret with them.




Scorpio: “I cannot forgive you.”

Scorpio, you can be downright vindictive with your plans for revenge, even a little brutal at times. But after a while, you calm down and your generous heart takes over.

Your wisdom reminds you that forgiveness is more for you than for them and learn to let it go.

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Sagittarius: “I’ll do that right now.”

No, you won’t, Sagittarius. You like to procrastinate and take your time to do things. In truth, you work better under pressure, and even if you can do it, it certainly won’t be the case right now.

Fortunately, you do a fantastic job on everything you put your name on and take pride in what you do.




Capricorn: “I promise not to laugh.”

Capricorn, you try not to be judgmental, but you are. In fact, it has served you well in the past and has helped you avoid pretty shady people.

Other than that, you like people to trust you and open up to you, so you promise not to laugh or judge them but you do it anyway. Not in a cruel way, just a reminder to others that they need to relax.




Aquarius: “I’m just kidding.”

Aquarius, you are quite clueless when it comes to emotions, so you can say something sarcastically and ask people to take you seriously. You have never been good at reading a room.

People may call you cynical, but once they know you, you can be a real joy to be with you. However, you are not joking too much and when you say that you are joking, it comes out very awkwardly.




Pisces: “I just want to try it once.”

Pisces, you never try anything once. You go all the way, overboard, in the thick of it. You have an addictive personality and whether it’s food, love, vices, whatever it is, you need to have more.

Learn to take things as they come and life will probably be more fruitful for you.


Did you find them right for you?


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