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The Twelve Basic Female Archetypes. Which One Are You?

Every woman has many facets, which can be both positive and negative, and if they are not well known, they can promote a bad attitude.

You may have heard of the term “archetype” or the female archetype. If you are a lover of Greek literature, theater, and mythology, you may be more aware of female archetypes and their meaning. In most of the stories or movies we visualize, there are female archetypes that line up with the top twelve archetypes.

Psychologist Carl Jung has identified twelve types that reveal human motives, values, meanings, and personality traits. Although there are differences around each type, the root of Carl Jung’s research and philosophy gives a clear understanding of the categories in which the majority of people fall. Jung divided these types into three sets of four frames determining their intent and purpose; the ego, the soul and the self. Carl Jung’s analysis then defines his belief in archetypes.

” The concept of archetype goes back to ancient times. In Ancient Greek, the word “archetype” constitutes one of the oldest derivatives of the verb archô- (ἄρχω), which implies both the idea of ​​beginning and the idea of ​​ordering and to which suffix has been added – typos (τύπος) meaning to origin “footprint”, “brand”, “type”. The meaning of this combination is an “original model” from which all other persons, objects or similar concepts are derived, copied, modeled or emulated. “

Carl Gustav Jung was a pioneer in the psychology of the depths: he emphasized the link between the structure of the psyche (that is, the “soul” in the Jungian vocabulary) and its cultural productions and events. He believed that the universal mythical characters – the archetypes – reside in the collective unconscious of people around the world. Brand archetypes are fundamental human motives of our experience as we evolve; and therefore, they evoke deep emotions. ”

Defining these female archetypes could help you determine and understand the personality and behavior of the people in your life. By understanding a person’s motivational factors, you can gain a better understanding of who she is.

Here is an overview of the twelve female archetypes and characters that fit their description. In which do you recognize yourself?



1. The Cosmic Woman – Goddess:

(Uranus – Ratzel ‘archangel’)

This woman devotes her whole life to the Divine and has awakened to the highest spiritual qualities. She discovered the original androgyny.

Characteristics: transcendence, wisdom, higher consciousness, knowledge of the truth, spirituality.

Disadvantages: pride, excess eccentricity, irreverence, obstinacy.




2. The Priestess – Vestal – The Start:

(Mercury – Raphael)

The illusion of everyday life does not affect her more than that. Every day is a step closer to discovering her true feminine essence.

Characteristics: intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, healing, truth, mind, transmutation, teaching.

Disadvantages: criticism, irritability, meticulousness, low self-esteem, impatience.




3. The Empress – High Priestess – Centralizer:

(The Sun – Michael)

Her personality, the yang woman emerges, embodies the ability to guide, observe, and instruct the souls who follow her.

Characteristics: success, willpower, inner strength, authority, nobility, and self-determination.

Disadvantages: a narcissistic side that seeks to dominate others, the temptation to prevarication.




4. The Prophetess – Sensible – Shaman:

(Neptune – Azariel)

This woman gives off a mystical appearance, a mysterious and transcendent female universe. She has the ability to come into contact with invisible dimensions (see Pythia in ancient Greece).

Characteristics: sensitivity, ecstasy, mysticism, extra-sensory abilities, occultism.

Disadvantages: the tendency to addiction, suggestibility, escape from reality, indecision, to feed illusions.




5. The Fairy – Princess – Romantic Lover:

(Venus – Haniel)

In this archetype emerges the plan of Beauty, Kindness, and Love. Typically feminine, she embodies subtle human qualities.

Features: beauty, harmony, love, the subtlety of soul, sensitivity, brightness.

Disadvantages: deception, manipulation, vanity, egocentrism.




6. The Grandmother – Matron – Protectress:

(Jupiter – Hesediel)

Traditional archetype, the kind of woman who is conservative and who protects the family.

Features: abundance, prosperity, nutrition, fertility, protection.

Disadvantages: possessiveness, mismanagement of money, sarcasm, easy love life.




7. The Inspiring Museum – Artist:

(The Moon – Gabriel)

Guided by her fluidity and inner sensitivity, this woman embodies the artistic and creative dimension of the human soul, to the point of becoming a source of inspiration.

Characteristics: inspiration, emotions, intuition, creativity, sensitivity, fluidity.

Disadvantages: anxiety, depression, emotional fluctuations.




8. The Young Adult:

(The Earth – Uriel)

This archetype embodies the emotional and relational balance, integrated into a coherent personality that has both a childish and parental dimension.

Characteristics: balance, coherence, confidence, emotional centering, contentment.

Disadvantages: laziness, immobility, skepticism, too rooted and static.




9. The Fragile Girl:

(Mercury – The Solar Ray of Raphael)

This aspect of the woman brings to life the most instinctive and casual part of the Self, thus becoming a symbol of innocence and simplicity.

Characteristics: communication, contact with others, spontaneity

Disadvantages: suggestibility, incoherence, impatience, jealousy.




10. The Amazon – Warrior – Woman manager:

(March – Camaël)

The instinctive dimension of the woman is combined with her just and competitive nature. This archetype manifests all its power and inner strength.

Characteristics: dynamism, energy, vitality, ingenuity, courage, determination.

Disadvantages: excessive masculinity, aggression, the hardness of character.




11. The Fat Woman – Seducer – Manipulator:

(Pluto – Azrael)

This facet of the woman uses the feminine intimate and sensual energy for selfish and sinister purposes.

Characteristics: intimacy, instinct, power, mystery, has a powerful strategy.

Disadvantages: destruction, extremism, cynicism, manipulation.




12. The Destructive – Materialist:

(Saturn – Binael)

This archetype dominates the weight of the element of the earth, thanks to cynicism and a beautiful intelligence. She is able to appeal and attract to her “the mass”, continually, and as well as all external elements.

Characteristics: rooting, concretization.

Disadvantages: sadness, loneliness, destruction, pessimism, inflexibility, obstinacy, intellectualism.


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