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The Two Zodiac Signs that are Considered the Most Unpredictable

It is true that most people can be unpredictable to some extent. Moreover, it is a fundamental element of human nature, everyone sometimes makes unexpected things, whether to go out unexpectedly or change career without notice. However, some people are more likely to behave differently.

The signs of the zodiac that tend to be the most unpredictable are Gemini and Leo. Indeed, and they wear this label for different reasons.



Gemini are unpredictable because of their desire to live and their need to always starting new adventures, which is amplified by the naturally flexible attitude of the air sign towards people and moments.

When the wind turns, they move on to the next experience, the others see them as inconsistent people. But in reality, they just go where life leads them, embracing change.




On the other hand, people describe Leos as kingdom leaders, as unstable people because of their fiery reactions when their leadership role is threatened. Like any leader, Leo can declare war in an instant if he feels his kingdom is threatened.

This instinct of protecting people in his life means that his anger can explode without warning. This is surprising because in general Leos are known for their stability, loyalty, and consistency. But that makes sense when you understand their reasoning.

Whether you are Leo or Gemini, do not worry, because it opens all kinds of doors.

There are other signs that are considered unpredictable, such as Aries, which can become angry in a moment and then calm down and Libra who constantly seek to balance energies, bombarding you with practical information when you are happy and magical images of the future when you are unhappy.

No matter why these signs can be considered unpredictable, after all, we all need a little spice in our lives.

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