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These 2 Zodiac Signs Will Have a Challenging December 2020

The season of eclipses has arrived, and December’s Astro weather is practically enveloped in its supercharged energies. To think we’re about to say goodbye to one of the most tumultuous years in history is incredibly liberating, but December 2020 will be the worst for Taurus and Virgo.

However, while the celestial events that occur throughout the month affect these zodiac signs more than most, there is still a lot of intensity to go around. Everyone has an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) somewhere in their birth chart, which means these are the areas of life where you’re likely to feel the most tension in December.

Looking on the bright side, however, tension and friction create breakthroughs, so do what you need to do to evolve and thrive. In the meantime, while trying to descend from the Gemini lunar eclipse that took place on November 30th, the collective energies will begin to develop towards the New Moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius that occurs on December 14th, so hang in there. This is just the beginning.

If you are wondering how the Gemini-Sagittarius series of eclipses will affect you personally, take a second to reflect on the events that took place when this series of eclipses premiered in June 2020. Similar themes will continue to resurface for the rest of the year, and throughout 2021.

Also known as the ‘axis of knowledge’, this is your opportunity to revisit the information (Gemini) you have acquired, as well as everything you may have experienced (Sagittarius). Being governed by Mercury, Gemini is a representation of mind, cognitive functioning, communication, data, details, and hard facts. Being governed by Jupiter, Sagittarius is the symbol of expansion, education, faith, and higher education.

These two zodiac archetypes have one thing in common, and that is their innate instinct to acquire knowledge. Speaking of communication, on December 1st the messenger god (Mercury) joined the Sun in Sagittarius, followed by the succulent Venus shortly after December 15th.

Most importantly, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Sagittarius, we are motivated by the desire to grow and discover truths. Here’s why December might be more difficult than usual for Taurus and Virgo:

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You are challenged to face your burdens, your fears, and your shadows. Hold your head up, Taurus. Although harmony-seeking Venus, it won’t always be butterflies and sprinkles, so pull yourself together.

Additionally, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus highlighting your erotic eighth house of intimacy, joint ventures, and transformation, you are challenged to take a closer look at the value of your energy trades and financial mergers.

The same goes for your sex life, but more importantly, this is the season for your annual metamorphosis. The good news is, you’ve been through this a lot of times, so you’ll be ready for it.





You go inward and rebuild your foundation from scratch. When you think of the words happiness and security, what is the first thing that comes to your mind, Virgo? The month of December shines a light on everything from your emotional foundations to your sense of security while also encouraging you to create a sanctuary within yourself.

What are you afraid of? With the Sun, Mercury, and Venus lighting up your home sector, you have the opportunity to feel at home, both within yourself and in your living space.

Who knows, you might even decide to spruce up the place, or maybe move out entirely. Topics related to your personal and professional life will be in the foreground this month, so don’t hesitate to get a head start on finding the work-life balance you seek and deserve.

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