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These 3 Zodiac Signs will Experience the Best Full Moon in Scorpio April 2021

There is a reason why witches and spiritualists do their best on the eve of a Full Moon. This is because the Moon rules over your emotions, your subconscious, and all of your best-kept secrets. When the Moon is in its fullest and brightest state, its power is fully charged and ready to go, making it a highly fertile and creative time.

However, each Full Moon impacts your birth chart in its own way, and Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will have the best of the April 2021 Full Moon. If you were born with placements in the water element, this Full Moon will be great for you.

Taking place in a deep, inquisitive, and power-hungry Scorpio, this Full Moon will reveal your deepest desires. Scorpio is a zodiac sign that is either completely engaged or not at all interested. However, you may find that some of your desires are less appetizing than others, forcing you to come to terms with what you really want.

However, this Full Moon could also look like a pressure cooker of energy. After all, this Full Moon will square with inhibiting Saturn, encouraging you to pump the brakes. It will also form a trine with driven and impulsive Mars, encouraging you to step on the accelerator. You may feel like you are recharging your energy and not knowing how you are going to release it.

Fortunately, beautiful things are formed during times of conflict, and as this Full Moon, which is the first Super Moon of 2021, and is also a Pink Moon, opposes erratic and revolutionary Uranus, you could be very surprised by what will follow. It can lead to so much innovation. Here is what water signs can expect:



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Cancer, you are on the verge of a major creative breakthrough. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, there is an artist in you who never loses the desire to create something beautiful.

On this Full Moon, you may feel more in tune with your creative side, encouraging yourself to tap into the abundance of romance, poetry, and laughter that surrounds you.

Remember, you don’t have to be an experienced artist to create art. After all, creating art is the most human thing you can do. Allow this Full Moon to reconnect you with this side of yourself, Cancer.

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Scorpio, you blast through the barriers and walk forward. You are on the verge of so many intense and arousing experiences. This Full Moon takes place in your zodiac sign, focusing all of its energy directly towards you.

It encourages you to look inside yourself and ask yourself who you really are when you are stripped down, when you are emotional, and when you are filled with desire.

You have so much raw energy flowing through you and it’s impossible to say where you will end up next. Try to let go of your need for certainty, because the sharp turns are waiting for you and all you can do is go with the flow.





You want a spiritual awakening and an adventure. You can feel sick and tired of the same old things, Pisces. You are ready for an experience you could never have planned and a trip even bigger than the destination.

This Full Moon can make you want meaning in your life and your choices. It may even encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and explore areas where you’ve never had the courage to explore before.

Let your mind expand and leave your judgments behind. You see everything with new eyes and everything can look so different.

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