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Tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces Brings Deep Awakening Energies

The Full Moon is much more than an enchanting and beautiful thing to see when you look at the night sky. A Full Moon always has a story to tell and its story is always about you. This is because a Full Moon is a time of revelation, reward, achievement, and change.

It signifies the completion of a cycle that began when the New Moon occurred, and more often than not a Full Moon goes out with a bang. This is why it has a reputation for bringing out intensity and drama.

No matter where you are in life, you are always on your way to a Full Moon, which means you are always on the edge of your seat, waiting for the exciting thing to happen next. But in the meantime, you don’t need to wait anymore, because the Full Moon of September 2020 is here.



While you may simply feel the magic of a Full Moon, there is an astrological reason for the power it holds.

This is when the Sun forms an exact opposition to the Moon, causing these two celestial bodies to fight for dominance. The Sun rules over your outer self, ego, and general character, while the Moon rules over your inner voice, subconscious, and emotional instincts.

In other words, the way you really are and the way you see yourself disagree, putting everything in a tense position. During a Full Moon, secrets can be spilled, boiling points can be reached, and the truth always comes out one way or another.

However, even though the experiences turn out to be chaotic and overwhelming, there is always something to be learned from a Full Moon. It allows you to shed your outer skin and get closer to the raw core of everything. Let this upcoming Full Moon (aka the 2020 Corn Moon) guide you forward.

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Pisces Full Moon occurs on September 2, 1:22 AM Eastern Time:

Pisces Full Moon 2020 - Look Beyond Your Ego (2)

The September Corn Moon, which is commonly referred to as the Harvest Moon when it is the Full Moon closest to the September equinox (September 22); that honor goes to the first Full Moon in October (October 1) of this year; takes place in the last sign of the zodiac wheel: Pisces.

This mutable water sign is associated with all things spiritual, empathetic, compassionate, imaginative, and dreamy. The Corn Moon in this zodiac sign will cause deep-seated feelings to surface like a wave of emotional intensity. It could feel so intense, that your feelings may even multiply and gain influence from your desires and fears.

Remember to focus on the facts when Pisces is concerned, as Pisces can distort your idea of reality. However, Pisces is also about universal love and always tries to dissolve the boundaries between you and everyone else.



Pisces know that everyone is interconnected, so let this Full Moon teach you how to put your ego aside for the sake of humanity.

This Full Moon will test your patience and all thanks to Saturn (planet of karma and inhibition), Pluto (planet of transformation), and Mars (planet of conflict and war).

These planets will provide both supporting aspects and challenges during this Full Moon, pushing you to overcome some pretty onerous limits and really take action. When these planets are involved, frustrations and darker emotions are hard to avoid.

However, these planets won’t settle for complacency, so be prepared to feel like you have to grow up and face your demons once and for all. This Full Moon will be a moment of clarity before the chaos really begins, so pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and perspective during this time.

Everything you think about probably matters so much and will shed some light on your destination in the months to come. If you want to understand how this will affect you personally, look at the astrological house ruled by Pisces in your birth chart.

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