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Your Spiritual Message for September 2020, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The start of September will feel just surreal to you, thanks to an elusive Full Moon in Pisces on September 2. Although, with the Autumn equinox on September 22, it’s no wonder your September 2020 horoscope is action-packed with energy shifts and pivotal transits.

This tedious due diligence lines up perfectly with the harvest season, and the Sun in Virgo will continue to magnify the details in the process. Are you ready to declutter, improve, and change your surroundings? As the Sun shifted to meticulous Virgo on August 22, the energetic vibration automatically shifted from carefree and playful to productive and respectful.

The mutable sign of Virgo is modest, practical, and incredibly fertile, which is great for manifesting what you desire. There is always a time and place for everything, and September will be all about self-improvement.

How can you improve your lifestyle, be more efficient in your daily life, and be of service to humanity? Being effective, both in your personal life and in your environment, goes a long way, and the Virgo season will help you cultivate a productive routine.

In addition to the September cosmic reality check, Jupiter and Saturn will be stationing direct in Capricorn, which will automatically get the ball rolling when it comes to professional endeavors and long-term goals.

Mars will retrograde in Aries on September 9, and this retrograde cycle will be about reassessing your personal identity, levels of assertiveness, and primitive desires. Meanwhile, you might want to ask yourself, what is it really worth fighting for? Knowing what to expect for September, here’s how it will likely affect your zodiac sign:




ARIES AUGUSTYou work diligently and tirelessly. You are starting to do things differently, Aries. You have the confidence, the courage, and the connections to make things happen this season, and new starts are on the go.

How do you integrate everything you have learned into this new phase that you are about to enter?





TAURUS AUGUSTYou are reorganizing your personal brand. Do it right or don’t do it at all, Taurus. There is a spotlight on your accomplishments this season, and you are more passionate than ever.

The desire to succeed is shining inside you and you are finally ready to take this leap of faith. What can you improve before moving forward?





GEMINI AUGUSTYou are organizing things on the home front. Hard work always pays off, Gemini. Even when the job is to declutter and organize your living space.

Your outer reality is a reflection of your inner world, and your personal and professional life is highlighted in September. Own up to your self-worth and make sure you do your part.





CANCER AUGUSTYou start to think more concretely. If it doesn’t add up, there’s a good chance it isn’t for you, Cancer. Your relationships and committed partnerships will be top of mind this season, especially if there are commercial contracts.

While there are plenty of opportunities for success and creativity, be sure to follow your intuition.

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LEO AUGUSTYou are ready to capitalize on your talents. Everyone knows you’re a superstar, Leo. The good news is that September will give you the green light you’ve been waiting for when it comes to your daily routine and due diligence.

Take your worth into consideration this month, as there are exciting opportunities on the horizon. Face your shadows and move forward.





VIRGO AUGUSTYou start to feel yourself again. Happy birthday, Virgo. September feels like home, especially with the Sun shining through your sign. It gives you a feeling of energy and revitalization, and you are almost ready to take on the world.

While there are things that need to be readjusted in your relationship area, detaching yourself from the toxicity will be the best thing you’ve ever done.





LIBRA AUGUSTYou are doing the work because it is for the better. Take a step back from the chaos, Libra. Your birthday season is just around the corner, which means there are a few things to forget before you begin a whole new journey around the Sun.

Forgive those who have deliberately wronged you, but don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Your tribe always supports you.





SCORPIO AUGUSTIt takes a village, but you have the help. Count your blessings, Scorpio. Introducing yourself to your community, and vice versa, will be very important this month, but you are also incredibly concerned about your day-to-day due diligence.

Use your words and your problem-solving mind to figure out the chaos. Loyalty and courage are present in September.

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SAGITTARIUS AUGUSTYou set new goals for yourself. Anything is possible when you get the job done, Sagittarius.

Everything from your authority figures to your legacy in the world will be a priority this month, but it’s important to consider whether you’ve acted with pride or with integrity. Do your actions come from the heart or from the ego?





CAPRICORN AUGUSTYou are finally ready to bring your visions to life. What has taken so long, Capricorn? You can have anything you can think of, and September will prove it.

However, in the meantime, take a moment to think about how you can continue to expand your personal horizons in the process. Impatience is more than likely, so be sure to consider the long term outcome.





AQUARIUS AUGUSTYou feel uncomfortable and overly critical. Take a deep breath, Aquarius. September will put a magnifying glass on your intimate unions and shared resources, which can add a bit of pressure.

Have no fear though, as there is always a silver lining, and you have the opportunity to rework your mindset and overall thought process in this area of your life. Finish the work.





PISCES AUGUSTYou are super focused on your partnerships. Your relationships are a reflection of your compassionate spirit, Pisces. Without going too far, September offers the opportunity to be of service to your loved ones, as well as to those to whom you have given your word.

The Full Moon in your sign will also give you the closure and clarity you deserve, so you don’t have to be so hard on yourself. You get what you give.

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