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8 Signs that You are Going Through a Period of Spiritual Growth

Do you suspect that you are experiencing a growth in spirit and conscience? It can be difficult to diagnose something so personal. But there are some key indicators that can help you identify this moment.

You do not have to experiment with all these things, even one of them could indicate that you are moving towards that path of growth, which is ongoing and requires personal commitment and dedication. In this article, we will talk about the eight signs you are going through at this time in your life.


8 Signs that You are Going Through a Period of Spiritual Growth


1. You do not want any more toxic people around you

You respect yourself more, and you know that the presence of unproductive people or behaviors does not bring any benefit to your life, on the contrary, they undermine your productivity and suck your energy.

That’s why you decided to clean up and exclude this kind of people from your life. This cleaning will bring you many benefits, in many aspects of your life, both personal and professional.



2. Try to improve your diet and sleep habits

You are currently eating your meals more calmly and you sleep much better. The fact that you perceive the needs of your body and take them seriously does not necessarily mean that you are sleeping eight hours every night but that you are having more quality in your rest, sleeping enough to recharge your energy and restore your body.

And in food, the improvement is not just about the quantity you eat, but also about the quality of the food.



3. Physical manifestations

Your vibrations say a lot about you and are reflected in your actions. And what you want from others comes back to you and becomes part of your life.

This is a power that few people are aware of, but we must be very careful about it. Negative energy tries to take space in your thoughts, so as to be present in your life. When you are aware of this and try to maintain positive vibrations, things change.

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4. Want to change the important things in your life

You’re tired of the way you’re doing things lately and you want to find ways to make your brand more positive in the world. You know you can offer more than yourself to other people and also have a more positive return in this exchange.

Nothing prevents you from making these changes. Search for a new job, study or relocate, then do all you can to make the change happen. Take some time to plan your next steps and prepare for this change.



5. Increasing sensitivity

Increasing your sensitivity with both your feelings and those of other people is a sign of spiritual evolution. In the meantime in which you know yourself, dissolve your riddles and your intentions.

Really getting to know others is a very powerful thing so that we can change the rules of negative behavior from the beginning, preventing them from making mistakes that can make us and them regret later.



6. Want to stay alone

This does not mean that you do not like other people anymore, even if you will probably be disappointed by others more easily and appreciate more each minute you spend alone. Not only in physical terms, but also in terms of your mind and your heart.

And this time that you are alone does not necessarily need to be filled, nor with the presence of other people or noises, nor with tasks or distractions. They can be used to explore and develop their own ideas and thoughts.



7. Spend more time in silence

This is one of the greatest signs of your evolution: the search for silence. Recognize the importance of these moments to be able to be with yourself. You will not try to fill the time slots with useless discussions that would not get you anywhere.

Silent time helps us to better formulate our ideas. And when we have well-formulated and defined ideas, there is no need for discussion, because a self-confident person does not try to prove anything of his essence to anyone.



8. Confront your fear

Fear is not bad at all, because of this feeling, we take some things seriously in our lives, moments when we are at risk. What can not happen is letting oneself be dominated by this fear, remaining static in some situations of our life.

Accepting our own fears is also a big step towards our evolution.

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