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7 Signs that Reveal You Were Destined to Be a Spiritual Master

The word “guru” is a Sanskrit term meaning “teacher, guide, expert or master”… or literally “the one who dispels the darkness”.

In some cultures, a guru is considered a “counselor who forges values ​​and shares both experiential and literal knowledge. It is also an example of life, a source of inspiration, and someone who contributes to the spiritual evolution of others. If you are ready to learn, a spiritual guru will enter your life at some point and will try to teach you the things you need most.

The presence of a spiritual master is directly felt and noticed. They are lightworkers who teach us the universal laws and principles with which we are all engaged.

Regarding spiritual mastery, age plays little, if any, no role; Spiritual mastery is emerging in different people at different stages of their lives, and gurus are usually on your life path to guide you through the obstacles and inevitable challenges that lie ahead.

Here are 7 signs that reveal that you were destined to be a spiritual master:



1. A spiritual master has a deep respect for the Earth and all life.

Spiritual masters honor and show compassion for the Earth, its wisdom and all expression of the Spirit. They are aware that they do not own the land, but that they are equal participants. No living being is “superior” or “inferior” to another.



2. A spiritual master is free from all judgment and prejudice.

A spiritual guru does not care about how enlightened you are, what terms you use, or how you dress. He understands that every one lives his life as he can and that we all have a story to tell.

He remembers being where you are today and knows that things are continually improving. Because judging says more about the person who judges, than about the person who is judged.




3. A master is sensitive but not responsive.

The majority of people considered to be empathic or very sensitive are also very reactive. They quickly become devastated by the emotions and feelings that arise in them.

However, a spiritual master knows how to be sensitive while remaining non-responsive. He knows how to set emotional limits and relies on his responsible action to make the difference between feelings.

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4. They are aware of the role of the ego.

Spiritual teachers are aware of the voice of the ego in them and its role in division and suffering. Because of this, their attachment to the ego is weak and their attachment to the Spirit is much greater.



5. Teaching others is quite natural at home.

While some people may have difficulty reaching out to others, it’s totally natural for a spiritual master or guru. They know exactly what to say and how to say it; their lessons go through you like a flash of clarity.

In general, the teaching of a guru comes from the fact that he is a living example.



6. A spiritual master is the personification of love.

The vast majority of spiritual gurus have reached Divinity by unconditional love for themselves and for others. They are no longer affected by anger or hatred because they fully understand the fundamental truth that “we are one.”

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7. A spiritual master gets rid of his attachments.

Once you realize what is really important in life, you start letting go of things that do not matter, such as material possessions, money, and wanting to stay young at all costs.

A spiritual guru understands that all things are temporary in this world. He, therefore, prefers to concentrate his energy on the embellishment of the mind and the soul rather than on a house or a wardrobe.

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