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We Actually Have 15 Chakras, Here Are the Other 8 You Don’t Know About

Although there are 7 main chakras, they are not the only ones present in our beings. Of course, these may be the best known and most important, but some of the lesser-known chakras are just as important.

The chakras, for those who do not know it, are energy centers within our body. They are the place where our chi or life force moves. These centers hold spiritual power and are considered very important by many. Problems in our chakras can cause serious problems in our lives.

We have many other energy centers and some of them are well worth a visit. Of course, we have our root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras, but those are just made up of the most prominent houses. By gaining a better understanding of your chakras, you can also gain a better understanding of yourself.

Although We will not go over our 7 normal chakras, there are 8 of which you should know as much as possible about which we will speak.

These 8 chakras are scattered throughout the rest, some in similar areas and others not quite where you expect them to be.

Your chakra system by itself is really wonderful, so you should be really happy to understand more about it. Most people never stop considering this kind of thing.



Eighth Chakra:

Seafoam green

The first chakra of the fourth dimension, it is the seat of the soul. In the chakras of the third dimension, the number designated by the earth, zero, represents physical existence. It is solid and concrete.

The seat of the soul now becomes the seat of our existence, just as the earth was the basis of our existence in the third dimension.




Ninth Chakra:


The ninth chakra corresponds to the basic chakra in the third dimension chakra grid. The ninth chakra corresponds to the body of light. It has to do with joy.

When this chakra is activated, the light body is now in your cellular and subcellular structure.




Tenth Chakra:


The tenth chakra is associated with the polarity chakra in the third dimension. It has to do with the integration of polarities – the good integration of male and female within oneself.

This chakra really begins to function when the male and female energies are in total balance. It is experienced as a state of effort and alignment with the soul.




Eleventh Chakra:


It is the chakra of New Age energies. This corresponds to the chakra of the solar plexus in the third-dimensional chakras, connecting the third chakra to the eleventh chakra allows us to decrease the trauma of current and past life stored in the third chakra.

The eleventh energy sensation of the chakra will be like a wave, and it will pass through and out of your body without staying in the body or becoming attached to an area.




Twelfth Chakra:

Shimmering gold

The twelfth chakra is the consciousness of Christ, which is transformational energy that connects all forms of energy.

It is associated with the heart chakra in the third dimension chakra grid.




Thirteenth Chakra:

Violet pink

This thirteenth chakra has to do with the manifestation of vibrational communication. It is the chakra which is used to materialize and dematerialize things.

It is also the chakra used in teleportation. This chakra is also used for healing.




Fourteenth Chakra:

Deep blue-violet

The fourteenth chakra has to do with the divine plan. This allows the mental mind to surrender. The fourteenth chakra says that you allow the Divine Plan to show you the way without reviewing or assessing your mental beliefs.

This chakra corresponds to the third eye in the third-dimensional chakra system. It is bringing clairvoyance into the fourth dimension. It starts activating your unlimitedness.




Fifteenth Chakra:

Light golden white

The fifteenth chakra has to do with your monadic connection. It corresponds to the crown chakra in the third dimension chakras. The seventh chakra is your spiritual connection. With the fifteenth chakra, your new spiritual connection is at the monadic level.

At the fifth initiation, we merge with the Monad. This brings us to the door of ascent. When this chakra works, it means that the structure of your soul is stable enough to manage the energy and the range of information coming from the monadic level.

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