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If You Answer “YES” To These 7 Questions, You Have Met The Love Of Your Life

Women and men all seek the love of their life, there are those who find it at first stroke and there are those with more difficulty will find it with the long go. But is he/she really the love of your life?

Why is it so complicated to identify if we go out with the ideal person?  The dynamic is as follows if you answer “yes” to the following questions than Congratulations!

You are really in love and the person you share your life with is undoubtedly the right one. Ready? If you answer yes to the following questions, there is no doubt that you are with the love of your life:


1. Do you smile when you see or think about that person?

You can not do anything about it, you could spend a bad time, but only by seeing or hearing the name of that person, a beautiful smile ends up appearing on your face. And you can not even explain why you do it.



2. Is it always there for you?

You have no idea how he does it, but that person is always willing to help you to make you happy, he knows how to listen to you and when you have a problem he offers you a helping hand.



3. Does it make you want to be a better person?

It has become an impulse in your life, it does everything for you to overcome it, your dreams are important to you and it motivates you continuously so that you can reach them. You want to show him what you’re capable of and to make him feel proud of you.



4. Can you talk to that person for hours without getting angry?

Or messages, calls or chats; is he the first to know the news of your day, speaking from the most trivial thing to the most important without ever getting angry.



5. Do you completely trust yourself?

You have reached the point of being more than a simple courtship, the relationship has become a sincere bond of friendship, distrust does not exist, you look for when you want someone to listen to you and never doubt you.



6. Are you happier since you met him?

It is something that can not be hidden, you talk to your friends and family about it, since you have him next to you, on the sky of your life the clouds have disappeared and the sun of happiness has appeared.



7. Does your partner include you in his future projects?

He is not afraid to talk about the future with you and do projects together. He always includes you in whatever he has to do, and you do not mind if you talk about a future family together, with children.

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