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4 Simple Ways You Are Making The World A Better Place And You Don’t Even Know It

We often think that fighting a giant monster or protecting cities from an evil army from space is how we will save the world. Well, yes, in the movies. Real-life is very different. There are no giant monsters, no evil space armies to our knowledge. Just people.

The world is fine without us. We don’t need to save the world. If humans left this planet, the planet will continue to go well. On the contrary, we are the ones who do the most harm. We are the ones who need to save. But how? It’s really simple.

You save the world by starting from yourself. Then you influence others. But first, you fight your own darkness. The 4 simple ways to make the world a better place:



1. Whenever you respond rather than reacting:

We are all triggered. The difference that really makes a change is whether you react to your triggers or if you react. When you react, it’s likely that you are doing something crazy that you regret later.

Responding, however, can heal, leading you to the heart of the trigger.

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2. Whenever you fight hate with love and kindness:

You Make the World a Better Place through These 4 Simple Ways 2It’s one of the stupidest prejudices we have, fighting hate with hate. How can you change something if you add more of the same to the mix? Hatred is a reaction from an injury.

Love heals these wounds, kindness.



3. Whenever you make somebody’s day better:

Doing random acts of kindness is one of the best ways to actively work to make the world a better place. An act of random kindness.

Sometimes these little things can bring back someone’s faith in humanity. If nothing else, it will make you happier.



4. Whenever you laugh:

The fact is that we are all on this planet together, we are on the same ship. We can argue about who’s right, who’s wrong, but overall, even our planet is really, really tiny. So every time you laugh, you win that day, you get the joke.

So how do you make the world a better place, exactly? You’ve heard the saying that says something like you want to make the world happier, start with yourself and that’s exactly how you make the world a better place with these tips.

You heal yourself, you heal the world. You give more love and kindness to the world. You make others happy. You laugh. In the end, these are the things that really save the world.

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