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What are the Benefits of Spiritual Awakening that Nobody Talks About

Although the term “spiritual awakening” evokes images of calm and tranquility. The majority of those who have experienced a spiritual awakening describe this as an often painful process.

It can often shake the foundations on which they built their lives and force them to make difficult decisions about how to move forward and live with their new vision.

When a person awakens spiritually, even though they may feel that something special is happening. It can be difficult for them to pinpoint exactly what it is.

For those who feel that they are going through this spiritual transformation, here are some of the benefits of spiritual awakening that are less well known:



Intensified perception of the world.

Those who live or have lived a spiritual awakening tend to be more aware of the world around them, and they report seeing things that once seemed trivial and ordinary and were easily overlooked in a new light.

The stars shine a little more, the flowers smell a little more… They often notice new things about the personality of people they have known for a long time, revealing traits that were previously hidden.

This intensified perception of the world brings those who are preparing for a spiritual awakening to feel more present in the here and now. On the other hand, they are less concerned about what others are doing and what they are likely to miss. In addition, they tend to worry less about past mistakes and plans for the future.


The intensification of perception leads to an increased intuition.

This allows those who live a spiritual awakening to see people and situations more clearly. The intuition is often our mind processing data collected by our senses, which is too big and complex for our conscious mind to digest and manage.

When a spiritually awakened person notices more details about the world, his intuition works more. As a result, these people seem to have a better idea of ​​when to take a risk and who to connect with spiritually. On the other hand, they feel who they cannot trust and what situations to avoid.

Even if all that sounds positive, it can also be very difficult. Because people learn that what they thought was true and the people they trusted are different from what they thought before. This can force them to make big changes that are difficult in their lives.


Calm and inner tranquility.

Those who live a spiritual awakening often report that their inner voice, the monologue that accompanies each of us throughout the day, is calmer. We all know that this inner voice can be hard and that we tell ourselves things we would never dream of telling another person.

It is not because we are intrinsically cruel or bad as people, but because our inner voice is trying to protect us. It explains what is needed to keep us in a space that it has defined as safe, based on past experiences, social norms, and the instinct of self-preservation.

During a spiritual awakening, a person consciously or unconsciously realizes that they do not need to stay in this secure space. They begin to ignore these warnings of their inner voice and over time they become less strong.

This calmer inner voice generally leaves people less critical, happier and more positive.


Connecting to something bigger.

While those who live a spiritual awakening feel less constrained by their inner world and more connected to the world around them. They are also beginning to feel more strongly the energy of the universe. They realize that they are part of something bigger than themselves. And that they can tap into this something to find strength.

The way in which this sense of connection manifests itself depends greatly on the person and his or her fundamental convictions. But he often feels that he is not alone and he has a higher purpose.


Positivity and confidence.

Those who have experienced a spiritual awakening declare feeling happier and more confident in their decisions. The process of spiritual awakening can be very difficult. Because people learn hard truths about themselves and the world around them.

This new knowledge often provokes the need to make difficult decisions. Like leaving a partner, ending a toxic friendship, changing profession…

This can cause material upheaval and deep emotional distress. But all those who have come out of these changes feel at peace with the decisions they have made.

Nevertheless, they also indicate that spiritual awakening can not be precipitated. Pain and doubt are part of the process, and there is no shortcut.

What do you think of these benefits of spiritual awakening? Let us know in the comments below.


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