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21 Unique Characteristics of an Awakening Soul

Maybe it’s because of the change in global consciousness, a destiny we’ve arrived at because of spiritual evolution, or the result of strange times, but many people around the world are going through intense personal changes and feel an expansion of consciousness.

Personal changes of this magnitude may be difficult to recognize and understand, but here are 21 characteristics of an awakening soul, a “sensitive” person or an “empathetic” person (someone who feels emotions of others).


1. Being in public places can sometimes be overwhelming.

Since the walls between us and others dissolve, we have not quite learned how to distinguish energy from others and ours. If the general mood of the crowd is like that of a herd or is negative, we feel it intensely and we want to retire to our own private space.

When we have recharged our batteries, with meditation, spending time in nature, away from other people, or when we just sit down to contemplate quietly, we are ready to go back into the crowd.

In personal relationships, we often feel each other’s emotions as if they were ours. It is important to have a high sense of empathy, but we must learn to allow the other to have emotions while observing them and keeping our empathy, we must realize that not all emotions belong to us. Social influence can weaken our own innate wisdom.



2. We “know” things without understanding them intellectually.

21 Unique Characteristics of an Awakening Soul

This is often called intuitive awareness, we have moments of insight that can explain very complex theories or phenomena in the world. Some of the brightest minds of our time … “know” … quite simply.

Adepts and sages have often received information, coming from high states of consciousness, after meditating or simply by being in the presence of a more conscious individual; it happens to many more people and more and more frequently.

As we trust our intuition, it becomes stronger and stronger. It’s time to “think” with our hearts, more than with our heads. Our intuition can no longer be ignored. Our dreams become premonitory and maybe our conscious thoughts will become so too.



3. Watching TV or mass media becomes very uncomfortable for us.

Including newspapers and many Hollywood movies. The mentality that creates a lot of television shows and movies in the cinema, becomes odious for us. It transforms people and promotes violence. It reduces our intelligence and numbs our natural empathic response to someone who is suffering.

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4. Lying to us becomes virtually impossible.

We do not know exactly what truth is hidden from us, but we can say (thanks to our developing intuition and our talents of extrasensory perceptions) that something is wrong. We also know what other emotions, feelings of fear, of love are not expressed by others.

The others are like an open book for us. Despite the fact that we do not have training, we are observers and we know. Even if there is no physical clue, we can look at others in the eye and know how they feel.



5. We can “catch” other people’s cold symptoms.

Sympathetic suffering, whether emotional or physical, is something we often experience. We tend to absorb the emotion through the solar plexus, considered as the place where we store emotion and when we are learning to strengthen this chakra, we may have digestive problems.

Being anchored to the Earth can help restore our emotional center. A good way to anchor yourself to the Earth is to walk barefoot.



6. We tend to take sides with losers

The side of those whose voices are not heard, of those who have been slaughtered by the matrix, etc.  We are compassionate people and marginal people often need more love.

People may feel our loving hearts, so it is common for strangers to tell us about their lives or to tell us about their problems. Of course, we do not want to become a garbage dump for everybody’s problems, but we are good listeners for people who have problems.



7. If we do not learn to set our own limits, we can get tired easily by carrying the emotions of others.

21 Unique Characteristics of an Awakening Soul

Energy vampires are attracted to us, so we must be very vigilant, protecting ourselves from time to time.

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8. Unfortunately, many sensitive or empathic people turn to drug or alcohol abuse.

To block their emotions and “protect themselves” so as not to feel the suffering of others.



9. We all become healers.

We are attracted to healing styles such as acupuncture, Reiki, Qi-Gong, yoga, massage, etc. We know the collective need to be healed, so we do our best to offer healing, in the best way we can.

We are also moving away from “traditional” forms of healing for ourselves. We prefer natural foods, herbs and holistic medicine to heal us.



10. We see the potentials before others see them.

Just as the Church told Copernicus that he was wrong, but he still maintained his heliocentric theory, we know what the masses refuse to believe. Our minds are light years ahead.



11. We are creative.

We sing we dance, we paint, we invent or write. We have an amazing imagination.


12. We need much more solitude than the average person.


13. We can get bored easily, but we are perfectly capable of having fun ourselves.


14. We have difficulty doing things we do not want to do or do not like to do.

We truly believe that life must be an expression of joy. Why waste time doing something you hate? We are not lazy, we are insightful.



15. We are obsessed with bringing the truth to light.

21 Unique Characteristics of an Awakening Soul

Just like children who say, “It’s not fair” we want to correct the injustices of the world and we believe that very often it only requires education. We try to explain the inexplicable and we find answers to the deep questions of life.

We are researchers in the “Campbellian” paradigm: “The Hero With a Thousand Faces”.

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16. We have difficulties with time.

Our imagination often takes over and a day can be felt like a minute, a week or a day.


17. We hate the routine.


18. We often disagree with authority (for obvious reasons).


19. We are often nice.

But if people are selfish or rude, we do not spend time with them or we find an excuse not to be in the company of people who are obsessed with themselves.

We do not understand people who are insensitive to the feelings of others or from the point of view of others.



20. We may be vegetarians.

Because we feel some energy in the food we eat, we also feel if an animal has been killed inhumanely.  We do not want to consume negative energy.



21. We display our emotions.

And have difficulty “pretending” that we are happy if we are not.  We avoid confrontation, but we slowly change the world, without others noticing.


These 21 characteristics demonstrate how important it is to maintain our awareness, clarity, and strength at this right moment that we experiencing here on Earth.

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