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What Does Namaste Mean? – A Greeting to the Universe from Your Soul

Do you know what Namaste means? This is a greeting widely used in India, and its origin comes from the Sanskrit language. It is considered a wonderful word, which contains great spiritual value and shows reverence towards the person who receives it. According to scholars, this word has a great energetic charge, so unique, that it will help you start your days with lots of energy and great blessings.

If you are new to the knowledge of the spiritual world, I invite you to open your mind, spirit, and heart to understand what Namaste really means and to start using it so you can move your energies in a positive way for yourself.



What does Namaste mean: Origin of the word.

What Does Namaste Mean

The atavistic Hindu culture is responsible for the etymological roots of the word Namaste and is used as a kind of greeting and farewell, but beyond the semantic aspect of the word, there is the spiritual aspect that the Sanskrit possesses, which gives an even deeper meaning. The term “Namas” means “nothing of mine”, which makes us take our earthly ego off, to establish a cosmic connection with the other person.

It is a way to show humility. In each one of us, there is a divine spark, so we accompany the Namaste greeting with the mudra, which is the bowing of the head with hands clasped in our chest, in the form of prayer. In making this gesture we are recognizing the divinity in the other person and in ourselves, which could be translated as follows if we used the words.

The namaste wants to convey a greeting or farewell that strips the deepest and most spiritual of our being, to connect us in a halo of love and acceptance devoid of social classes and material wealth, where we are all equal, we are energy, spirit, and beings of love, a greeting that makes you see how you really are, a being of light and peace.




Yoga and Namaste.

What Does Namaste Mean

I consider yoga as a unique practice, as the connection you develop with the universe and that opens your mind and spirit. Meditation is even something you can do anywhere, and it helps you connect with your inner self, that you may have abandoned because of day-to-day work.

The importance of practicing these two currents that will help you focus on yourself and the universe is to be able to make the most of this wonderful gift of the cosmos: life!

The use of the Namaste greeting is very common, at the end of the yoga classes, however, its use at the beginning of these is highly recommended, since it helps relaxation, in addition to granting positive energies to the practice of this wonderful discipline. In my very personal opinion, I recommend them to everyone regardless of their age or physical condition. If you are pregnant, the spiritual connection you make with your baby is unique, and more so if you use the word Namaste to greet him.

It is amazing how strong a word is when we use it with our soul and heart.




Your inner self connects with the world.

The spiritual and emotional connection with our surroundings is important for our growth as a being of light, to be able to recognize in another its value as a spiritual being, it fills you with humility and unconditional love so do not waste this great gift that the universe gives you, enjoy it in each of your cells. Meditate on what namaste means and open yourself to the world, open yourself to love.

Namaste, may the light of the universe fill you with many blessings!

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