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What is Your Source of Power, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Each of us is developed slightly differently from the other. Everyone has different neural connections, different characters, different energy, different memory patterns, different collections of choices.

Therefore, each of us has different unconscious advantages and disadvantages.

Your zodiac sign plays a big role in your energy development. Even though we may all be slightly different, your zodiac sign can reveal a lot about the source of your power and how to access it.

We all have inherent powers that we already subconsciously master. But if you have no idea of your power, your zodiac will help you.




You like action. You are most powerful when you are energetic, truthful, provocative, active and progressive, aggressive, competitive, positive, confident, fun-loving, and confrontational when the need arises.

You feel the least powerful when you feel stagnant and unable to express your creativity, to oppose others, to read emotions, a bit arrogant, to take unlimited action and forget rest, burnt-out, emotionally vulnerable, and fighting without cause.





You are prosperous and stable. You are most powerful when you feel stable, intensely engaged in your passion, passionate, using your talents for abundance, feeling the strength of your mind, body, and spirit, feeling at home, and growing with life.

You feel the least powerful when you resist change, are obsessed with your possessions, do not take advantage of all opportunities, abuse yourself too much, become lazy, and focus too much on your own.





You flourish with ease. You are most powerful when you feel mentally flexible, having intelligent humor to make things lively, fully engaged in life, learning something, taking care of your passions, satisfying your curiosity, delving into your many sides, giving time for rest, and being around with interesting people.

You feel the least powerful when you are deeply hurt, keeping with routines, being negative, easily bored even when your idea has not yet born fruit, acting sarcastically, not having enough time alone, and not finding silence to relax your mind.





You represent emotional strength. You are most powerful when you protect the weak, see reality through emotions, use your imagination, feel comfortable in a familiar place, create a warm atmosphere wherever you are, connect with your intuition, keep your memories, your impressions and your stories private, and isolate yourself to avoid being hurt.

You feel the least powerful when you always defend yourself, going wild because of injuries, choosing who to love, and not seeing beyond your problems.

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You are an energetic creature. You are more powerful when you express your exuberant personality, showing dignity and respectability, having a big heart, being generous, showing loyalty to your friends, encouraging and leading others with confidence, doing interesting things to show gratitude for life, having the exuberance of a child, and exploring the drama of life in the arts, music, theater, and others.

You feel the least powerful when you are bragging without knowing it when you need attention, when you ask for special treatment, when you are indifferent to others, when you are irritated and when you take life more than ‘it really is.





You represent dedication, a healthy lifestyle, and self-improvement. You are most powerful when you are productive in working towards your goals, finding healing and transformation in your body, helping others who enrich you in return, analyzing how things work, offering your point of view and sharing your healing gifts.

You are the least powerful when you humble yourself too much, do not take credit for your achievements, do not feel satisfied with your situation, give in to criticism, fear that things will go wrong, and being too focused on your body pain.





You represent beauty, art, and romanticism. You are more powerful when you feel that you are creating a harmonizing influence, that you are doing well by using the energy of others, by creating equality, by growing in a relationship, by creating beauty, by showing your style, your grace, and your elegance, fighting for justice, restoring balance and acting as a peacemaker.

You feel the least powerful when you feel that others want you to be the person you are not, being afraid of action, trying to avoid confrontation even when the need demands it, avoiding seeing the darkness, and failing to execute your brilliant ideas.





You represent sexuality, accomplishments, and shadows. You are most powerful when you explore the psyche and all its shadows, regulate effective medicines, engage in worthy activities, being aware of your healing and transformative powers, being patient while waiting, and making an extra effort to feel the darkness of others for soulful healing.

You feel the least powerful when you feel the emotional burden of life when you get stuck at the end of things and find it hard to get past the destruction, not expressing yourself for the fear of losing control and being manipulative or psychically intrusive.

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You are thirsty for knowledge. You feel most powerful when you explore the things that fascinate you, plan things out, get in and out of your friends’ lives, share your positivism, be cheerful and friendly, test what you can and can’t do, experiment with your creativity, knit ideas and share your philosophy of life.

You are the least powerful when you feel trapped in a worthless and work and being intolerant of others.






You represent tradition, perseverance, and bleak times of life. You are most powerful when you commit to rewarding activities, establishing your authority, having respect for others, mastering your skills, showing patience in your progress, and showing compassion despite your melancholy.

You are the least powerful when you are spending too much time at work without recreation, not connecting to the wonders or mysteries of life, focusing on status, doing anything to get what you want, and being harsh on yourself when not meeting your own standards.





You are far-sighted and have human values. You are most powerful when you experiment and continually follow wherever your path takes you, daring to think about big things, seeing the big picture and thinking for the whole group, opening yourself to breakthroughs that have the ability to bring you to the next level, being equally friendly and not afraid to be different.

You feel the least powerful when you are stuck in the thought of the matrix, showing defiance and failing to create stability in life.





You represent sensitivity and imagination. You are most powerful when you release old wounds, transform into something new, harness your imagination, connect to the dream world and other spiritual realms, take root in your spirituality and sharpen your awareness and your intuitiveness.

You feel the least powerful when you absorb too much energy, lack time to process emotions and feel overwhelmed, are too focused on saving others by forgetting yourself in the process, pleasing too much, thus losing your moral center, expose yourself to overstimulation, and fail to access the subtle sense.

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