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What You Mostly Dream of, According to Your Zodiac Sign

The stars can reveal more than you think. When it comes to what you might see in your dream state, the traits associated with your sign could play a lot more than you think.

While there is no way to know exactly what’s going to happen in someone else’s mind, especially in the dream world, we can get a good idea depending on how somebody is in general. For example, if you are someone who seems well entrenched, you might dream of letting go.

Below we will go over what each sign is most likely to dream of and what it might mean for each of them. Sure, there will be exceptions to this, but overall, it should be clear enough for many of us, it might even be recurring.



Aries: About losing control

As an Aries, you feel that you should always be on top of your game. For this reason, you will dream of losing control or falling behind. This can take many different forms and often presents as a loss of competition or if it is a good dream, winning one.

In your awakened state, you have a good understanding of things, but not in your dream state.




Taurus: About oversleeping

Taurus signs are often very stubborn and always rush to get things done. There is a good chance that you dream of losing or earning money and of sleeping too much.

You are not the type to get behind, but when you are overwhelmed, things like excessive sleep are real concerns in your life.




Gemini: About being ignored

As a Gemini, you like to be free and able to do and say what you want. For you, a dream could be you as the center of the party with all eyes focused on your greatness or even the feeling of being trapped or losing sight of who you are.

Regarding the real nightmares, being ignored is not a walk in the park. You could walk around the city with no one in sight or perhaps surrounded by people without anyone recognizing you.




Cancer: About betrayal

Cancers are quite interesting, they go beyond the expectations of people in their lives, whether they are ready to do the same for them or not.

A dream for you would most likely be love and happiness. It would be spending time with those you love and enjoying yourself, but a bad dream would be just the opposite. You could dream that someone betrays you or even that someone passes away.

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Leo: About extravagance and loss

Because you are a Leo, you want to keep control and have all eyes on you. In the dream world, you’re always ready to compete and be treated like a king or a queen, right?

You dream of living the life you want to live and of being worshiped by those you admire. On a bad day, it could become a dream to lose exactly what you hope to gain.




Virgo: About losing

Virgos are a little frustrating for many but tend to want to stay on track. The dreams for you as a Virgo will be to lose your job, to fulfill your fantasies or, in some cases, to be very misunderstood.

While many may consider your dreams compared to others a bit boring, you don’t mind at all.




Libra: About stability

As a Libra, you are still working to make justice happen. You are very moved all the time and you feel very cold. In your dream state, you are much more open and ready to let others in.

You say and do things you could never do in real life.




Scorpio: About being able to fly

For some reason, Scorpio seems to dream of flying or being able to fly quite often. It is not something you expect from them and it is probably not something they expect from themselves either.

Scorpios are very emotional, and they seem to really feel very comfortable doing things that others think are terrifying.

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Sagittarius: About being held back

Sagittarius often dreams of being held back or being pursued. He is not one to stay in one place for long and because of that it really comes to mind on a deeper level.

The more they feel trapped, the more this kind of dream could become present.




Capricorn: About pleasure

Capricorn dreams of pleasure in all its possible ways. Those born under this sign are not good at expressing themselves but in their dream states, they can do just that.

They become much braver when their eyes are closed.




Aquarius: About self-expression

As an Aquarius, it is very likely that you most dream of coming out of your shell. You are someone who has trouble finding yourself and really expressing it outside.

In the world of your dreams, you can be anything or anyone you want and your mind takes full advantage of it.




Pisces: About being stuck

Pisces is a very creative and unique individual, but he or she could dream of being stuck more often than you think.

This kind of person always works harder, but sometimes feels like that moment of being “stuck” that defines them, and so they dwell on it more than anyone else.

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