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What Your Month of Birth Says About Your Ability to Heal Others

The month we were born in, similar to our zodiac sign, can tell us a little bit about who we are as a person. It tells us what you look like in a relationship, who you are and even gives us a glimpse of our healing abilities.

In this article, we will see how far you are a healer based on your month of birth. Those born in certain months are much more capable of healing others than the rest, and they really stand out more than you might think.

Whether you are a good healer or not, there are wonderful qualities in you, but getting to know yourself by learning more about your birth month will really help you to understand where you really are.




People born in this month always do their best to be there for the people around them. They are there for their friends and family more than they should be.

They are not exactly the best healers, but they are able to provide much more support than most others.





The people born in this month are among the worst healers, but they are able to provide help in other ways.

They can bring a smile to the places of those who are suffering and even if that doesn’t solve their problems, they feel better at the moment. It’s something that people really need.





People born in this month are a bit of a healer but are not really able to heal as completely as they would like. They can do a lot of good or a lot of bad depending on how things are going.

They really have to make an effort to get things where they want, but they are amazing people.





People born in this month are very good healers. They are able to relate to the suffering of others on a very real level and this makes the pain they feel much less intense.

These people are very passionate and dedicated and they will do everything they can to brighten up the day of an upset person.





Although people born in this month may not have healing powers, they can certainly serve hard love. They tell those who are going through difficult times what they need to hear instead of what they want to heal.

This sometimes makes them difficult to manage, but in the long run, it can really benefit the person they work with.

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People born in this month are among the best healers there are. They are very protective and thoughtful about the people they care about most.

They notice the pain from afar and can feel it in some of the most unexpected people. Even when they break down, they do what they can for others.





People born in this month are not the best at healing, but they exert the most effort of all months of birth. They focus more on the emotional side of things.

If someone is really sick to heart, the person in July will find out quickly.





People born in this month are not really good at healing anyone, but they are doing their best. They just don’t know how to act when it comes to other people showing negative emotions.

They want to help, but usually don’t know how to do it.





People born in this month are like a safety blanket for the people around them, even strangers. They stand up for what is right and for those who cannot speak for themselves.

When something happens, they are not going to sit back and let it go.





People born in this month are not good at healing strangers but can really find the best ways to solve the problems in the lives of their friends and family.

Although it is not as simple as they want, they still get things done.

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People born in this month are among the most supportive and caring. They are not able to heal wounds already present, but they can prevent new ones from forming.

If you do come up with a problem, they will at the very least ensure that the problem does not get worse.





People born in this month are terrible to help others. They want to do it right and try hard, but they usually make things worse without realizing it.

These people should sometimes choose to say nothing in high energy and emotional situations.


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