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Who are the Lost Souls? 3 Signs to Recognize one!

Lost souls are spiritually adrift people. Here are the 3 symptoms to recognize them and ways to help them.

For some reason, these individuals have blocked intuitive guidance from their higher self. In doing this, they cut themselves off from the infinite love of the universe, and this did nothing but bring struggle, anger, and sadness. As a result, the life of a lost soul is very demanding.

If you are currently working to increase your vibration and follow a higher path, you will probably find it difficult to interact with lost souls. It can be quite frustrating to interact with these people because they radiate negative vibrational energies and the way they interact with others can be quite daunting.

However, if we want to help these people, we must react with affection and sympathy rather than anger and hostility. Lost souls need even more unconditional love than others because they feel so exhausted that they are hungry. Although sometimes this can be difficult, love and acceptance are really the only things we can give them to help them find themselves.

Below are explained some frustrating symptoms of a lost soul and how we can act in order to help them:


Defensive attitude

A lost soul is a person who lives in function of his ego and not of his own highest self. It is largely driven by the ego and often feels the need to defend its positions and affirm that it is always right. Even the friendly and loving person who wants to help her will be “liquidated” with an answer like “Yes, but …” , followed by a list of reasons for which they believe that the advice given will not work for them.

What is the best reaction you can have to someone who has this defensive attitude? Acceptance! Never engage in an argument with a lost soul, even if you feel your advice is just what you need. Remember that lost souls are blocking their inner guidance, as they will probably block all the beneficial advice from wherever they will come. The best thing you can do is to expose your ideas and opinions about it, but then let go and finish the discussion. Surprisingly, it happened to me that these people were saying to me, years later: “I remember when you gave me that advice and told me those things, and I must say it was really good advice!”.

The major “problem” of lost souls is that they do not like their ego being challenged, so if they do not see it threatened they will probably be able to listen to your advice because they will not feel attacked by your approach.


Closure of mind

More often than not lost souls are not interested in people other than themselves and are not able to consider and accept different choices. The higher self of each of us is loving and able to accept everything. However, if something is blocking the unconditional love of the higher self, the person in question will not know how to give unconditional love to others. As a result, he will be able to give only his own kind of “love” and only to those people who will behave in such a way that his ego is “gratified”. For this reason, you will often see the lost souls identify with people intolerant of other religions, bigoted, racist, homophobic and misogynist.

What is the best reaction you can have? If you can not tolerate what they are doing or saying, if you think it is offensive to you or other people, tell them very kindly that it bothers you what they are doing or saying, and then turn away.

Remember that arguing with a lost soul is always a waste of time! So only if you can not get into conflict, not to challenge the ego of the lost soul, you will have some results.


Continuous self-harm

Each of us can make several attempts to learn a lesson in life, but for a lost soul, the pattern repeats itself to infinity. A lost soul can often be recognized by observing the way it has to go from one addiction to another. To be clear, none of us is perfect, and we are all doing some mistakes, however, the repeated errors of a lost soul are unfortunately very painful and can cause many problems to their lives.

The reaction? Understanding, once again, that a lost soul has closed the doors to universal love, so it does not know how to make choices based on love for oneself. A lost soul has forgotten how to take care of itself.

These individuals are not making decisions about their lives, but they are “just” trying to hurt themselves and anyone around them because they have become increasingly blind to driving the universe. Very often they make wrong choices because they are simply trying to distract themselves or numb the pain caused by the enormous emptiness they feel, being spiritually disconnected beings.

Please do not judge these souls, do not punish them and do not diminish their struggles. Accept them as they are and love them anyway. This, of course, does not mean that you must allow them to condition you with their negative vibrations, but simply try to help them in some way, let them know that they care about you and that you want the best for them.

You can help these souls even loving them from afar! In fact, it can be very frustrating to face a lost soul. The defensive attitude, the mental closure, and the continuous self-harm can be very unpleasant, above all, they could prevent you to stay close and interact with them.

Having said that, it is good to remember that we are all on a journey, and each of us has the possibility to travel through life in the way he has chosen. Lost souls are choosing to experience life in a limited way, and this is currently their choice.

None of us would be forced to think or believe something that goes against his will, and if we want freedom of choice for ourselves, we must allow freedom of choice to others, even when we feel that their choices are harmful and painful. We can express our truths, but we must not feel the need or even the claim to change the thoughts, convictions, and actions of others.

During our day, all we can really do for the lost souls of the world is to accept and love them as they are, wishing that they may soon be happy, healthy and prosperous again. If we can then shine enough to emit vibrations of light and love, we can perhaps provide enough energy and light to help a lost soul find its way back to its inner “home”.

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