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How to get off the Karmic Wheel with the Seven Essene Mirrors

Following the guidance of the 7 Essene Mirror will help us to consciously reincarnate,  keeping the memory of previous existences.

The essence of  these 7 mirrors  pushes us essentially to:

  • Not judge
  • Not blame
  • Not make comparisons


Reflected mirror

When I was young and someone offended me it was used to say: “Reflected mirror”  or “Reflective mirror”. The wisdom of children is always fascinating to me! The 7 Essene mirrors are in fact reflections of what we have not solved or is in an imbalance within us. 

In this sense, those who live next to us, those who are close to us, reproduce them.  In this sense, it is very easy to exchange what we feel for someone else as its own problem, but in fact, every time we do it, we deprive ourselves of the cosmic opportunity that the soul has co-created to be able to free ourselves: so pay attention!



First Essene Mirror: 
Receive what you give, what you give you receive.

We attract people or events into our lives based on what we experience,  based on our actions, our behavioral patterns. The victim manages to attract to other victims like her, but also the executioner. A thief will attract other thieves, but also the police. A person who lives quietly and in his center will attract other people who wish to live like her.



Second Essene Mirror: 
With the same meter you measure, you will be measured

We attract into our lives what we judge. Learn not to judge for not being judged. What we judge then, sooner or later will present itself in our lives.



Third Essene mirror:  
What I miss or what I lost.

We are mirrored in all the people who possess or embody what we do not have or have lost. For example, we might be fascinated by a person who is able to move freely from the judgment of others, are we in that case buried by our own fear of letting go of what makes us prisoners? So if we feel attracted to a person and feel like spending time, let’s ask ourselves what does this person have lost or earned?



Fourth Essene mirror: 
Those who are afraid of losing will lose

We put in place behaviors in our lives that lead us to lose what we care about most. For example, it happens to those who choose a career exclusively focused on the job of losing the management of their family, the truest friendship, time for themselves.



Fifth Essene mirror:  
Honor the son (me), the father and the mother (in heaven as in earth)

Our relationship with parents reflects over time the way we pose towards the celestial mother deity and father and our feeling that we exist for what we can offer to the community, to our children, etc.



Sixth Essene Mirror:  
Accept the challenge to activate the Master: what I need to learn

There is always the means within us to face every challenge that is coming.  These challenges trigger the opportunity to learn mastery and then become master in that trial. These are the tests to make us grow! In this sense, behind every trial can also be the master test, that of the dark night of the soul, in which we will lose everything and we should start all over again.  

When, for example, you lose work and family at the same time and you will, therefore, have to rely only on your own resources. Here, in this way, mastery is activated: to find oneself without any hand aimed at having to look only at one’s own hands.



Seventh Essene mirror:  
The perfect imperfection: everything is perfect

The seventh and last Essene mirror of self-awareness speaks to us of how we must seek perfection even where it is not: learning to look at our successes and failures without using comparison. Once we have reached the ability to master this mirror,  we will realize that any failure is not an imperfection, but it is the maximum we could do at that moment, with the means we had at our disposal.  So PERFECT! 

The meters of comparison are limiting and imposed by a limited company. In reality, imperfection does not exist: it is an illusory technology created by the mind. We and only we are the reference point for what we achieve.

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