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Why You’re Afraid of Love, According to Your Zodiac Sign

We are all afraid of different things, but when it comes to zodiac signs, they seem to have their own specifics when it comes to the fear of love as a whole.

Each sign based on its features seems to fear things about love that might not make sense for the rest.

Below, we will review each sign of the zodiac and why they are afraid of love. Although we are not all afraid of love, it is likely that you have felt these things at one time or another.




As an Aries, when it comes to love, you are afraid of letting someone too close who is not as motivated as you.

You are afraid of not being able to hold others up even if they are already somewhat holding up on their own. Although it may sound crazy, you really work better on your own and you know that all too well.





As a Taurus, you are afraid of love because you don’t like letting people get close. For you, opening up is difficult and once you do it, you feel like you are revealing too much.

You struggle with confidence and it holds you back.





As a Gemini, when it comes to love, you always dive too fast and in the past, you have hurt yourself a lot.

You are scared for many reasons, but the most important is that you don’t like knowing that other people have your secrets when you’re in love. You give too much, too quickly and far too easily.





As a Cancer, you love much harder than others. You tend to fall in love with people who don’t deserve you and you are afraid that your loyalty will be taken for granted.

You have a hard time finding people who are at your level and it really shows.

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As a Leo, you are afraid of love because you are afraid of not being appreciated. You know your value and you don’t think others see it as well as they should.

You don’t want them to fall for the idea of you, you want them to fall for the real you.





As a Virgo, you are afraid of people who fall in love with you because you do not think you deserve love.

You feel inadequate and therefore isolate yourself a lot from love. You don’t let people in as much as you should.





As a Libra, you are not very open to sharing your emotions with the people in your life. You are afraid of pushing someone away because you cannot open yourself properly so you end up doing that anyway.

Because your love has always been something you have been on the fence about for many reasons.





As a Scorpio, you are afraid of being left behind. You always feel like there’s something going on behind your back and it’s a feeling that you’re having a hard time shaking.

You are not the type to let go easily and you hold on to love a little more than you should, which bites you in the back.

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As a Sagittarius, you are one of those people who jump out of the boat when times get tough. You are afraid that someone will get tired of cleaning up your mess, so you leave them in the dust before they have a chance to understand you.

It leaves you wondering what could have been and grasping for something new every time.





As a Capricorn, you are someone who is afraid of love because you love things as they are. You are afraid of change and you do not know what life would be like if you had someone with you all the time.

Sure, it sounds nice, but it’s not something you’re interested in jumping into yet. You have to take your time.





As an Aquarius, you are afraid of love because you don’t really think it exists. Of course, you know that family love is real, but true love is a concept you don’t know much about.

You’ve gone through toxic situations and going back to these places is keeping you on the edge.






As a Pisces, you are afraid that love will change too much in your life. You love things as they are and want to have your time for yourself.

Sure, the idea sounds good, but it’s not easy for you to consider. You don’t know how to jump without putting yourself in water that is way too deep to swim.

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