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5 Possible Reasons For the Separation of Twin Flames

Twin flames are highly evolved souls. Meeting your “mirror soul” usually results in an intense connection that may or may not develop into a romantic union.

Whatever relationship you develop, intense emotions are inevitable. Your souls are simply drawn to each other like magnets, but in some cases, twin flames simply cannot work.

Separating from your Twin Flame can be extremely painful and heartbreaking. If you are experiencing something similar, read on to understand the possible reasons. Maybe you could fix it:



1. It’s too good to be true:

Meeting your Twin Flame can be an intense experience. He is someone with whom you have a spiritual connection. And so, it is natural that your two souls suffer a worldly shock.

This can sometimes cause a rift between you and other loved ones. And because it sounds unreal and too good to be true, you might feel guilty. This guilt will devour you from the inside and have a negative impact on your connection with your Twin Flame.




2. You learn a completely new and different concept for love:

You have to understand that a Twin Flame is not just anyone. It is someone who is your spiritual twin. You are supposed to guide each other on the journey of your soul. This experience will not be like the others.

Whatever you think love is, a Twin Flame connection is a hundred times more than that. Your body and mind will be shocked so intensely that your practical world will feel unstable. And if you are a proud practical person, it can cause serious self-doubt. Have patience because you will learn to manage your situation. Don’t let negativity ruin the best relationship of your life.

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3. As your chakras open, you have weird bodily reactions:

Possible Reasons For the Separation of Twin Flames (2)Now you should know that whatever our inner feelings are, they never stay buried. They go out into the real world manifesting in our bodies. Just so, when you meet your twin flame, your chakras will open.

And if you are someone who is not able to express your emotions openly, it can be painful both physically and mentally. And this pain can sometimes make you think that the relationship is not for you. But don’t forget that through pain, you will receive the gift of a Twin Flame. Together, you will be able to resist any obstacle in your life.




4. Insecurity rises:

Your relationship with a Twin Flame will be incredible. And so, it is natural that you feel insecure. What if the castle of your dreams was made of cards? What if the winds blew and your castle fell?

These doubts are monsters that the more you believe in them, the more you empower them. Believe me, your Twin Flame is a spiritual connection that petty and small matters can’t even touch. Fight your inner fears. You don’t want to lose your Twin Flame because of some abstraction.




5. The clash of egos:

Meeting your Twin Flame will make you feel like you are meeting part of your soul in another body. This will make you question your identity. You might even fall into the trap of judging yourself too harshly. Your ego will fight with your soul, and if you let it win, your connection to your Twin Flame will be in danger. Accept your faults and together you will grow.

Whatever happens, your Twin Flame is meant to be with you for the long run. Separations will be temporary and even if you try to force it, you will continue to cross paths. I wish you a healthy relationship with your Twin Flame.

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