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Law of Attraction: 6 Steps to Ask the Universe What You Want

How to ask the Universe? The law of attraction is one of the most powerful laws of this universe. Quite simply it states that you attract experiences, events, and people who are aligned with your energy and vibration.

Every person and every experience that comes into your life is a lesson that in some way you are attracting to the current state of consciousness.

By choosing to apply this principle, it means that you are willing to initiate an inner change of frequency and thought in order to attract a different set of experiences or opportunities in your life.

When you start asking the Universe by raising your energy and your level of consciousness,  your surrounding environment is reflected and your energy begins to attract a new set of experiences.

Because we are all co-creators of our destiny, we also have the power to create and manifest events in our lives. You can send your requests to the Universe and see them return as an echo.

If you are looking to manifest or create an event in your life, whether you want to attract a new relationship, a new job, money or simply a peaceful solution to a situation, below we share 6 ways with you:



1. Develop a relationship with the universe.

If you are new to the law of attraction and the inner workings of the Universe, it may be useful to start developing a relationship so that you can see for yourself how the Universe works.

To start developing a relationship with the Universe, you must first strongly believe in its power and see the miracles it can create. You begin to ask the Universe for a sign and it can manifest itself in a sign, in a plaque, in the flight of a bird, in a cloud, in an unexpected encounter, in a phone call.




2. Set your intention.

Set your intention

The second step is to understand that you can ask for what you want but it is not said that you will receive it exactly as you want.

This is especially true if what you ask comes from a need of the ego or from the heart.

Before asking the Universe for what you want, you must first clarify your heart so as to tune into what your heart desires. Close your eyes, pay attention to the heart and breathe inside.

Once you’ve set your intention it’s much easier to lure it into your life.




3. Visualize.

With your intention in your heart, close your eyes and start seeing the reception of your intention displayed with the gift received.

Visualize and experience the situation with all 5 senses.

The secret lies in bringing attention to all the emotions that arise from experiencing the reception of your request.

The more feelings you can conjure up, the more powerful your request will be.

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4. Gratitude.


It is once you find yourself in that place of great silence and sensitivity with all your positive emotions that it is time to ask the Universe.

Start by expressing a “Thank You” as it allows you to ask with the intention that your request has already been received by the Universe.

Example: “Thanks Universe for giving/bringing/opening to…”




5. Release.

Once you have applied, you must release and abandon all control.

It is up to you to establish the thing, the universe has the how. The how is not your business. This does not mean that from today onwards you will have to sit in meditation 24 hours a day waiting for the request to be delivered to your home by express courier BUT you will have to live your life but in a more conscious way.

Pay attention to what is happening around you, be aware of coincidences and synchronicities, grasp the details, the signals and act accordingly. ACTION is the password.

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6. Have faith in the Universe.

Have faith in the Universe

Whatever you asked, it will come when the time is right for you.

You have to trust that once you have sent your wish to the Universe, it will be returned to you with perfect timing.

After submitting your wish, continue to trust the process and keep the emotional feeling in your heart strong every day.

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