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10 Profound Realizations That Arise When You Raise Your Consciousness

The term raising our consciousness refers to the act of stepping back from the canvas to perceive a larger part of the image. Just like a painting, when you get too close to the painting, you can see all the little imperfections and confusing dots that make no sense from that point of view.

But when you step back, you realize that each element of the image is in its place, there is no imperfection on the beautiful image that you see. This analogy describes what happens when you raise your consciousness to higher levels.

Suddenly, all the little things that you saw as defective fade away and you start to see a different reality, one where a lot of things create a greater meaning than you can now perceive.



1. You are in control of your life:

Controlling your life depends on the responsibility you take for your life. The higher your awareness, the more you realize that you are the one responsible for your life.

There are many things that you can control and many things that you cannot control, but your true control is in how you react to events. You can make choices and reactions, and that’s all the control you really need.



2. Everything is connected:

The bigger picture gives you a different perspective on reality, it shows you how seemingly unconnected details are linked. You see that the choices and events that you didn’t really think about had anything to do with each other actually connect on a deeper level.

And that’s because most of our choices are inspired by our subconscious configuration. A subconscious event can pull different strings that are apparently not connected.



3. Our unconscious mind plays an important role in our life:

Just as our subconscious is responsible for most of our choices, our unconscious mind is responsible for most things in our lives. The things that we have experienced and suppressed, the trauma that we have repressed, the emotions that we no longer want to feel, all of this configures a record that spins in circles.

This record brings us back to the same old patterns because it wants us to embrace the parts of ourselves that we flee from and become whole.

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4. Emotions shape our reality:

The emotions we feel at some point shape the theme of our reality. If we are in a happy state, we perceive things that maintain that state. When we are in a sad emotional state, we perceive things that justify sadness.

When you’re angry, it’s the same. When we are afraid, we start to see the danger in most things. When we raise our consciousness, we become aware of this, we see the emotions as lenses of reality.



5. When we suppress our emotions, the energy stops its smooth flow:

When You Raise Your Consciousness, These 10 Realizations Will Arise (2)The emotions that we suppress, the sensations that we run away from, and that we don’t want to feel, remain in our emotional body. These sensations accumulate and begin to block the flow of smooth energy from our bodies.

The longer they stay the bigger the resistance of feeling them grows. As we raise our awareness, we learn to embrace all of our emotions. We realize that there are no good or bad emotions and we embrace all of our feelings.



6. Everything is energy:

As we elevate our consciousness to higher levels, we begin to see beyond the matter that builds the world around us. We begin to realize that in matter there are particles smaller than atoms and between these particles there are forces.

We realize that even these particles at their fundamental level are energy. Therefore, we realize that everything is energy at a different density level.

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7. Most of the time, our intuition is on the spot:

Most people receive the messages their intuition gives them, but they are so focused outside of themselves that they don’t even perceive them. Some people experience these sensations but do not find the logical sense to trust them.

When we elevate our consciousness to higher levels and see how things connect with each other, we realize that our intuition was correct most of the time in a way that we could not perceive.



8. We are the mirrors of our relationships:

The relationships we have with other people are the biggest mirrors of the relationship we have with ourselves.

The level of dependency and avoidance of our partner, the circle of friends, the way we express our love for others, the relationship models in which we turn, the attributes that we find attractive, the personality of our romantic partner, everything reflects an aspect of our inner self.



9. Love is our default state of being:

Most of the world is presented with a romantic idea of love. It is a form of love, not all that love is. It’s just a reflection of its infinite number of reflections.

True love is not only romantic, just as the fruit is not the only form of food that exists. True love is our natural state of being and everything that reminds us of this purity in us is associated with this vibration of love that we all have naturally.



10. We aren’t our feelings and thoughts:

The emotions you feel, the thoughts you think are just information. They are like the words you read and the pictures you see, like the smells and tastes you perceive through your senses. You are not those. It’s you who perceives them. You are the one who observes the thoughts, you are the one who observes the emotions.

If some of these achievements have resonated with you, it means that your consciousness is already at much higher levels than the consciousness of others.

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