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Understanding Loneliness and Isolation During Spiritual Changes

It’s fine where you are, it’s fine that you need space, it’s fine that you give away what you need.

Loneliness is something we HAVE to give ourselves without a doubt along our spiritual paths – even when we are with people – we have to continually appear for our own personal and emotional needs.

This harbors the potential for our continued expanded growth towards the unlimited possibilities of multidimensional experiences and thus having them with the people we love around us.

To really get into this we need to give each other support – time and loneliness.

Not one night here or another there, but real time to really tune into the needs of self-care so that our souls are sustained in the space necessary to evolve. It can feel intimidating as inherently as the humans we desperately seek to cling to the support of others.

But if we take these moments they may be the creation of our realities that help improve our relationships.



Loneliness supports:

  • Our authenticity as we return to our own energy to expand.
  • Take a reset, reload, processing our thoughts and emotions.
  • Spiritual gifts begin to improve since we are pure with ourselves and with the divine love that flows through us.
  • We get to untangle the strings of emotions, thoughts, feelings, expectations, ego, dramas and low vibrations of other people.
  • It reminds us who we are below, free from the accumulation of external energies.
  • During our transitions, there will be many ups and downs since the things we once loved no longer seem to fit our souls. Relationships, jobs, the taste will change as we have more love and light in our hearts. Our time alone is imperative as we exercise again while changing to our new healing and awareness for life.




When we start on a spiritual journey there are so many changes and revelations that you can feel very insulating.

Sometimes, the more we change and discover things about ourselves and about the world around us, the connections we once had with people can often feel withdrawn. These moments of feeling disconnected are the moments of feeling the most isolated of life.

We have not yet anchored all our learning, truths and authenticity in practice. A sweet spot emerges within oneself. We know that we cannot go back to our stories, fears and limiting beliefs to feel comfortable. We know that the person we thought we were is evolving, but we still don’t know how we are supposed to appear in the world.

This sweet spot, this emptiness, this restlessness and uncertainty about how we are supposed to present ourselves is the perfect time to be present. Accept not knowing, nothing, freedom, potential and opportunities that have not yet been revealed and accept loneliness.

This is the time to really go inward, to really work in healing, keep letting go, keep opening and expanding the heart. Learn not to hold on to things that are meant to leave our lives, even for the moment. Know that what will be aligned again will be the most perfect alignment of the soul.

These moments of spiritual growth are the perfect opportunities to get to know each other once more, enjoy our company and reconnect with our intuition.

These are the moments of loneliness to remind ourselves that it is okay that we are not very sure of how we are supposed to appear in the world yet, all we have to do right now in these moments is to appear for ourselves in the love – with self-care, space, and healing.



To understand who we are we need to have fun again.

We already know that things are about to heal. We already know that we are not our stories. We already know that we are not the limitations of our fears. Let us once again embrace not knowing, the sweet spot and delivery in the NOW.

  • Surrender in joy.
  • Give up and have fun.
  • Surrender to the game.
  • Surrender to love.
  • Surrender to the light.

It is FUN to feel alive, to feel awake, to feel one with who we are. It’s fun to spend time again in our own energies. It’s fun not to think about the past.

Remember the child we once were. Let’s embrace the time to start new creative projects, let’s join new groups with similar interests to ours, take long walks in nature and dance as if no one saw us. Being alone during these transitions will ignite the flame from deep within us so that we can begin to gain strength once again in our authenticity.

Let us also take time alone to really let go, scream, cry and fall to the ground while our bodies release the emotional traumas of life. Let us embrace loneliness to ride the waves of emotions that do not make sense but find strength because they will make sense to our souls.

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