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8 Common Traits People with an Attractive Energy Have

Have you ever met someone and immediately felt attracted to their aura? While you may have wondered what these people had that attracted you like a magnet, their certain magnetism is actually all in a few simple traits.

These people always have a crowd around them, even when they don’t necessarily try. So what makes these people so attractive to others? Keep reading to find out!



1. They are humble all the time:

People who continually brag about their accomplishments turn out to be brash and, to be honest, a bit narcissistic.

So people with attractive energy know when to humble themselves and graciously accept kind words without being overly self-centered.




2. They are themselves:

Many may call them weird, but they don’t care, they are who they are and they love themselves!




3. They know how to laugh at themselves:

Sometimes knowing when to accept your falls and laugh at yourself can be a wonderful way to be. So let your abnormal flag fly and be imperfect yourself.

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4. They let others be the center of attention as well:

Instead of having to be constantly in the spotlight, the most attractive people let others shine. It is this wonderful energy that really captures their mind.




5. They are very honest:

An attractive person will not lie to you. Although they are not rude when being honest, they shine with grace until the end!




6. They don’t apologize for being who they are:

Some people still won’t like the person with the prettiest soul, and that is actually fine. They know they are not for everyone and that some people will never accept them for what they are.

But that doesn’t mean they’ll apologize for who they are.




7. They accept others for who they are:

They know that not everyone is the same and that we all have faults. Their crowd is usually a tribe of random misfits, and they know these are really the best people to have around.

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8. They enjoy their weirdness:

They are not the same as everyone else, and their beautiful strange and random souls make them what they are!



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