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13 Fascinating Facts about the Subconscious Mind

The human brain is an incredible thing, the command center regulating all aspects of who we are and what we do. This small organ, which represents only 2% of our body weight, is responsible for all our thoughts, actions and reactions.

When we think of the human mind, we consider the powers of our conscious mind: our memory, our cognitive function, and our intelligence. However, experts advise that we overlook a hugely powerful force, the part of the human mind that has the capacity to completely change our life if we want to and can exploit it and put it to work, the subconscious.

Here are 13 very interesting facts about the subconscious:



1. It runs your mind:

We’ve all had this moment when we look back on life, suddenly aware that we had operated on autopilot. This is due to the fact that your subconscious mind runs your life most often.

In fact, experts report that your subconscious is calling the shots about 95% of the time.




2. There is no verbal language associated with your subconscious mind:

The way the subconscious communicates defies conventional language as we understand it. Thoughts, ideas, and concepts are stored and communicated via symbols and associations.




3. Your ‘gut instinct’ is the product of your subconscious mind:

This deep feeling that warns us that we are about to do something dangerous, or that we must avoid a specific person, is all the product of your subconscious at work.

Do not ignore this “strange” feeling. Be careful, this may be the secret to avoiding something serious.




4. Your habits are the results of your subconscious mind:

If you’re looking to break free from a bad habit, look into your subconscious. Therefore, the key to breaking or reworking a habit, the only way to do it is to rework the subconscious.

Trying to change your habits through the conscious mind will always be a failure.




5. Your subconscious mind takes everything literally:

Your ability to interpret or analyze information occurs in the conscious mind. Therefore, if your subconscious calls the shots, understand that everything will be taken literally.

You are not going to look for hints or minute details.




6. It can’t differentiate what’s real from what’s imagined:

When you let your imagination run wild, it can actually trick the subconscious. This is due to the fact that, as we have just seen, the capacity for analysis is in the conscious mind.

For this reason, the border between reality and imagination can become blurred. This is the underlying reason for the power of hypnosis.




7. It constantly takes record of everything you do and experience:

People often underestimate the power of the subconscious, but there is nothing you do, say or experience that it does not trace. This is why hypnosis is such a valuable tool when you are trying to recall information from the past, it taps into your subconscious memory.

Even more impressive, these memories are permanent.




8. Your subconscious mind seems to be one million times stronger than your conscious mind:

We spend a lot of our time worrying about how to grow and develop our conscious mind, but experts report that we can ignore the greatest force. Experts estimate that the subconscious mind can be up to a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.




9. It is the source of your beliefs and limitations:

If there is one thing that can really hold you back from happiness and success in life, it is your own limiting beliefs. These beliefs are “facts” that you take for real, however, they are not grounded in reality.

Accepting them to be true, our subconscious maintains them and applies them in our daily life, however, if we can open our eyes to the fact that they are only a creation of our imagination, we can free ourselves from their grip.




10. Your subconscious mind is powerful when used in the present:

While we often find ourselves caught up in regrets from the past or anxiety about the future, tapping into the subconscious gives us the power to influence the here and now.

It focuses on the present moment, what you are currently experiencing and how to respond to it.




11. It is always awake, unlike your conscious mind:

Your subconscious is always alert, even if you don’t. You may not realize it, but when you are sleeping, your subconscious mind can still hear the radio playing in the background or the conversations happening nearby.




12. Your subconscious mind can be programmed through repetition:

Often when people look at the subconscious, they see it as a powerful force beyond our control. However, through the use of repetition, we can program our subconscious. It gives us the power to do great things.




13. It communicates through your dreams:

Most people see our dreams as nothing more than a fun topic of conversation, entertainment, the truth is that they are actually a form of communication used by our subconscious mind.

The signs and symbols they contain are used to convey specific messages. Paying attention and interpreting your dreams can help you understand yourself better at a deeper level.



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