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4 Ways in Which Energy Vampires Drain Your Vital Energy

An energy vampire is a person who feeds on other people’s energy.

The reality today is based on a war for energy. When this war ceases, because at least the so-called critical mass will have understood how to recharge autonomously of life energy without stealing it from other people, there will be an incredible evolutionary leap and the people who will succeed will automatically influence the people left behind.

But there are some things to accept. This is the first big step and it is necessary:

  1. You yourself have been and you are an energetic vampire (so am I, also writing this article but I instantly block my “vampire” and correct it by connecting to a different source of energy).
  2. When an energetic vampire steals your energy it’s because YOU allow it.
  3. The energetic vampire is not bad, he is simply going through a moment of unawareness.

At this point, you may feel offended and close the article.

I advise you not to do this because this page can help you understand a lot about yourself and to respond to some problems that you didn’t understand until now.

When you are attacked by an energetic vampire you might notice:

  • separation between people
  • a closing posture (legs or arms crossed)
  • a frightened face
  • sudden fatigue
  • desire to go away

When one of these points manifests itself it is useful to run for cover.

In this article, we would like to share with you the 4 ways in which the energy vampire steals your energy. Read the rest of this article bringing attention to yourself, or rather which of these 4 methods you use in your life to feel stronger, loved, recognized.

This really isn’t you. You are Love. These are 4 ways you act. 4 mental programming that comes mainly from your childhood. Recognizing them and then breaking them down allows you to return to love.



1. The violent.

In this performance, the person adopts both verbal, emotional and physical behavior. When the other person withdraws, thus allowing threats to act, he gives up his vital energy and the energetic vampire feeds on him.



2. The judge.

In this performance, the person always has something to say about what he is told, advised, proposed. He always wants to be right. Regardless of the other, he is always wrong. When a person gives up his opinion by exhaustion he gives up his energy and the energetic vampire feeds on him.



3. The victim.

In this performance the person is sympathetic in every way, everything is against him, the whole world conspires against his existence. In this performance, the person delegates his happiness and unhappiness to others. When the other person puts the victim down, he gives up his energy and the vampire feeds on him.



4. The Solitary.

Loneliness is extraordinary when a person is at peace with himself and with the external world. In this article, we talk about loneliness with a negative connotation. In this performance, the person is completely alienated by not saying anything especially to those close to his negative condition.

The moment the other person violates himself by asking the vampire what is wrong because he is sick he gives up his energy and the vampire feeds on him.

Usually, there is a play that dominates the others. What’s yours?

Recognizing it is already the first step.


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