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The 7 Levels of Consciousness that Must Be Climbed in order to Grow Spiritually Towards Fulfillment

Are you new in your spiritual journey? Find out 7 levels of consciousness that you must pass in order to grow spiritually:



1. The first plan is the lowest.

It is that of the instinctive consciousness that is close to the animal. Being on this foreground is primitive and the person seeks above all to satisfy his inner needs and does not know love.

He is totally unconscious.



2. The second plane is that of collective consciousness.

7 Levels of Consciousness

At this level, the person develops his sense of human relations. He is more selective in his choice of partners, but many may be suitable for him. He does not yet know true love but a copy of it.

He is possessive and considers his partner as his own. The ego is very strong at this level. This plan is emotional and it is where the majority of the humanity of our beautiful planet is located.



3. The third plane is that of the mind.

There, the individual locates his ego. He begins to individualize himself. It is the plan of personal power, energy, ideologies (religious, political, economic). This is the leader’s plan. It functions according to the duality of the mind (love-hate, dominate-dominated, etc). It is a love exchange that is not true love but approaches it.

This is the plan of awareness, of reflection. The individual at this level expands his knowledge either in esotericism or in spirituality. He realizes that there is another dimension.

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4. The fourth plane is causal.

7 Levels of Consciousness

This is the plan where you can connect to your soul. At this level, you enter the part of the soul, that of love (spiritual love). At this level, you can live the love with a soul mate.

Your partner is so close to you that there is no effort to make, no concessions. Love is fusion. It is the plan of creators, artists, who express beauty in all its forms. At this level, we want to give and be.



5. The fifth plane is that of super-consciousness.

Love is manifested and expressed fully. It is that of symbolic thought. At this level, we can do without sexuality. This is the level of the great ones like Beethoven, Da Vinci, Pythagoras, etc. The only possible partner is his soul mate, his complement, his mirror.

This is the plan of spiritual guides, Masters. His psychic gifts develop naturally, and he increases his healing capacity. We reach this level by an illumination. He teaches love and guides humanity.



6. The sixth plane is that of buddha or intuitive consciousness of the soul.

7 Levels of Consciousness

At this level the being has no ego, he is only a radiant soul of love and light. It is a living message of universal harmony. He realized the mystical marriage (divine union).

He represents God on earth. He is the solitary hermit constantly in bliss. He has no more personality because he is part of the ALL. He is close to the definitive fusion with the Eternal Spirit.

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7. The seventh plane is that of the divine, of the cosmic consciousness.

The body ignites itself, the fire rises in the etheric channels and the divine energy transforms you into a Being of Light.

When you fall into the cosmic consciousness and enlightenment, you stay there for eternity.

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