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3 Reasons Why Your Twin Flame Is Already in a Relationship with Someone Else

You can state that life is such a great paradox when the person you believed to be the “one” already belongs to someone else. Sounds like a tragedy, right? Why is this happening when your Twin Flame is supposed to be with you? Is it some sort of mistake that they are already in a relationship with someone else?

Probably a lot more questions come to your mind if you know someone is perfect for you but is with someone else. However, everything happens for a reason. Have you ever considered that maybe it’s not meant to be just yet?

In fact, maybe being in a relationship with someone else is the best thing for both of you right now. Here are the 3 possible reasons why your Twin Flame is in a relationship with someone else:



1. They are not ready for the relationship:

Your twin flame may not be ready to reunite you yet. They have to go through experiences where they can play out the karma that needs to be sorted out.

It is only through relationship experiences that they can come into contact with their shadow selves and deal with the inner issues that prevent them from resonating with you. By learning these experiences, they are able to reconnect with their inner flame which is actually what draws the two of you together.

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2. They have forgotten their authentic self:

Deep societal conditioning may have caused your Twin Flame to wear masks to feel safe and survive. By wearing masks to fit in society, they may have forgotten who they really are.

No matter how miserable they have become in their life, the fact that they are used to their comfort zone makes them believe that this is how life is. You just have to respect them enough and believe in them that they will remember for themselves who they really are.



3. They need you to remind them what true love is:

Unhappy relationships make your Twin Flame feel stuck, especially in your presence which subconsciously reminds them of their other desired partner. Feelings of dissatisfaction slowly enter their consciousness causing them to look into their core, where the core problem is coming from. This is the first part of their awakening.

Their failed relationships are supposed to allow them to realize what true love isn’t. Your presence sparks the wisdom of love in the suffering Twin Flame because that is what the two of you are here for, bringing the world back into love through your relationship.

Once they recognize what their heart is telling them, they will hear the voice of their intuition which is louder than reason. As they align with their true selves, they can break out of their limiting relationship and develop a relationship with you.




Why are there Twin Flames in the world?

Twin Flames are there to help each other to awaken the sparks of true love in their hearts. They exist to remind each other what true love really is and to bring the world back to true love through their relationship.

Through a complete understanding of healing, which is at the heart of their relationship, the Twin Flame reunion inspires healing in others and in the world. And when they finally meet, when their souls finally resonate and see each other for who they really are, even the people around will cheer for them, they’ll feel the connection.

To meet your Twin Flame, you both have to work on yourself and become your real, authentic self. It’s part of a great process that Twin Flames have to go through.

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