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29 Signs that Could Indicate that You Were Born to Be a Spiritual Healer

At the bottom of us, we all have the ability to care for others. Mind, energy, thought, intention, the practice of skillful means and belief are available to all.

Spiritual healers are full shamans. They let the energy of the Spirit flow through them, so as to guide, regenerate and give more latitude to others.

If you are a healer, there are probably signs and clues all around you. You just have to know where to look.


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Here is a list of 29 signs that indicate that you are a healer. Some might surprise you:


1. You have already been diagnosed with a mood disorder.

2. You think that solutions for others improve their lives.

3. You often feel overwhelmed by the number of things you have agreed to do to help others

4. You regularly feel shoulder and neck pain.

5. Your friends and colleagues often come to you for your opinion on potential prospects or new jobs.

6. The exercises you prefer are outdoors: going for a walk, jogging or doing yoga in nature while breathing in fresh air stimulates and relaxes you.

7. You have an interest in spiritual healing methods – healing energy, reiki, shamanism or whatever.

8. You often feel tingling in your hands and palms: pins and needles, buzzing, palpitations, vibrations or pulsations.

9. You are attracted to crystals for their beauty and potential healing properties.

10. You are looking for natural healing methods as an alternative to medicine.

11. You experience frequent headaches or digestive problems.

12. You have a strong desire to help others, even at the cost of your own resources or needs.

13. You are already in a traditional healing field: medical workers, massage therapists, chiropractors, guidance counselors, physiotherapists, veterinarians, and more.

14. You have a history of healers in your family. Your parents, siblings, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. are or have been engaged in healing-based professions – medical, tactile, spoken or otherwise.

15. You frequently experience increased awareness in public places – difficulty breathing or nervous butterflies.

16. You enter a room and can immediately tell if there has been a fight or disagreement before your arrival.

17. You are the person to whom people turn for comfort, problem-solving and kind words in difficult times. And you always help.

18. You have the impression that the problems of others are poured on you to be solved.

19. You are frequently exhausted at the end of the day, especially when it involves great social interactions.

20. You noticed that you had special contact with animals.

21. Small children and animals are often attracted to you, even if they are shy with others.

22. Strangers tell you their stories without you asking.

23. People often ask you for back and shoulder massages and you are famous for being good.

24. You like people to feel comfortable when they come to your home or space.

25. You feel extreme empathy, often experiencing emotions and experiences like physical feelings of pain.

26. You are often told that your presence is soothing.

27. Those around you are rarely sick.

28. You have been diagnosed with anxiety or panic disorder.

29. You are reading this list now.

Take time to browse the list. How much do you fit?

What you do with this information is up to you. You can choose to use them to pursue a healing career, to develop your abilities to heal and care for others, as validation to know that what you are feeling is something special or a combination of all the above.


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  1. Connie E Landron

    I recognize 19 out of the 29 in the list. And am unsure of only 1 about healers in my family. However; in a past life, I was trained by a Shaman and have always preferred animals and nature for solace and recharging of my spirit.

    I also have always told people I am spiritual not religious and I’m in tune with the universe. However, after losing my husband and soulmate 2 years ago, I am having to fight my way back to my normal level of a tuning with the universe.

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