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3 Signs Your Loved One is Missing You

Love has very strange ways of beating time and space. It’s one of the most mysterious and powerful things in the universe: rightly the only thing that keeps human beings from turning on each other and destroying everyone.

Distance and time struggle to bring it down, but whatever happens, it continues. We love our friends, partners, spouses and families despite the time we have spent together or where they live: we even continue to love them after they die.

Here are three obvious signs that you may miss your loved one:



1. You see them in your dreams:

Dreams occur in the spiritual plane and not in the time plane. Inexplicable things happen in this realm. However, it is still not beyond the reach of the energy produced by love. It reaches the realm of dreams and manifests as visions of your loved ones.

You see them vividly, doing with them what you enjoy most often together. It is a positive and heartwarming feeling to feel this, but at the same time, it can be quite heartbreaking. After all, it is only a fleeting dream and you wake up feeling empty.

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2. The universe synchronizes your movements:

When two people miss each other, the universe conspires to synchronize your lives. You end up going to the same places or meeting the same people who talk to each other about you.

The universe gives you a hand when you need it, basically.



3. You cannot voluntarily control your emotions:

You crave each other’s company in the middle of the night and in unlikely places. You can’t pin down your feelings, but you feel bad like you’re missing a piece of a puzzle.

You cannot explain the emptiness you feel. But you can feel it. You share the same feeling.

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