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How to Use Colors to Appeal to Our Guardian Angels

We can use certain colors to appeal to our guardian angels. Despite their power and willingness to help, these mystical beings will never come into your life if you do not ask them.

They will give you their blessings in the form of affection, knowledge, and supervision as you seek help. They are always ready to support you.

Even though the guardian angels will hear our call, we may not notice how they offer us their help. If you are not fully aware of spiritual energies, you may not notice their help.

To make contact with angelic vibrations, you can use the “angel colors”.

Each color vibrates at a certain frequency. You can control the “power of the color” by immersing yourself in that particular color related to the support you seek. To do this, you can surround yourself with objects such as paint, crystals, flowers, clothing and natural substances.


These are 13 Colors that you can use to invoke your Angles:



White is characterized as not being a color, which can give you space to link directly to the angels. The angels of the white light purify the soul, the body and the spirit.



The gold color concerns the wisdom and the improvement of the brain. This can help improve your personality and make you attractive. Gold is your color if you are looking for help from angels to give you access to your mind’s information about past life.



The silver color of the nature of angels is feminine, it can develop your intuition and bless you. The silver light can help you discover and find a purpose in life.



Wealth, development, blessing and trade. This color is conducive to the restoration of energy.

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Endurance, fitness, agreement, and equanimity. Blue will help you express yourself better.



Indigo brings out the intuition that helps you see through the inner and outer realms.



Spiritual fulfillment, good decision-making, and enthusiastic determination. The violet vibration is pensive, creative and agitated.



The rose carries the energy of incorruptibility, respect, and maternal affection.

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This color concerns the cycle of life and the importance of change between birth and death.



Stay connected to basics, impartiality, organization, consistency, and connection to roots.



Supremacy, strength, and vivacity. Choose this color if your goal is to increase your passion and your inner energies.



Imagination, joy, and magnetism. This color increases strength, inspiration, and malleability.

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Pleasure, religiosity, and cheerfulness. Yellow stimulates the brain and is deeply related to spiritual energies.


What changes will you see?

You can expect much more angelic involvement. Constant practice and good variations can help you increase your awareness of angelic assistance.

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