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These 9 Signs Reveal that You Are Experiencing Synchronicity

Like many people, you’ve probably heard about synchronicities already, or maybe you’re reading this article because synchronicity has brought you here.

Anyway, we can all live synchronicities.

To do this, we must simply be ready to receive cosmic messages, to listen to our own truth and our soul. Our psyche collects a lot of information in the world around us, but some, in particular, tend to get our attention.

Consciously, we might ignore why certain things happen and why we start seeing them, but there is a reason why our psyche wants us to notice these signs.

Synchronicities work this way: your subconscious mind tries to catch your attention or give you an answer that you are consciously looking for.


Discover 9 signs that could indicate that you are experiencing synchronicity:

These 9 Signs Reveal that You Are Experiencing Synchronicity



1. The right people come at the same time, and you know they are exactly what you need.

2. You will receive a reassuring and comforting message from anywhere, from a radio host, billboard, or movie slogan.

3. You repeatedly fall on some signs, symbols or sequences of numbers like 111, 222, 333.

4. You scroll through social media and come across an article that gives you the answers you need.

5. You meet a certain person at a random place and you feel that there is something deep in it that you need to discover that might be helpful to you.

6. You receive calls, emails, or you see someone you have not seen for a long time and you meet him by chance just when you thought about him.

7. Something will happen randomly to help you just when you really need help.

8. You watch shows or movies, listen to a song, and feel that you are watching or listening to your life.

9. Strangers talk to you about the problems you are currently facing.


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