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4 Spiritual Self-Care Practices for Energy Practitioners

Those who do magic, energetic healing, reiki, massage, and aromatherapy share one thing in common: we interact on a deep subconscious and vibratory level with the energy of others on a regular basis.

What does that mean?

We connect to another level, we expose ourselves to many emotions, experiences and expectations of those we do our work on. Sometimes it’s not our customers, it’s just the woman next to us in the supermarket queue whose energy is so strong that it merges with ours, positively or negatively.

Or members of the family whose energy exhausts us because of illness, conflict or other problems. Or maybe even our own stuff, luggage, that we carry to the level of the soul that we want to leave behind.

So what can we do to keep our own space and continue to give openly to others?

Spiritual self-care practices help to keep our energy intact, not to avoid others or to protect ourselves, but to maintain the integrity of the energy we have to offer. Here are my favorite tips for self-care for light carriers who are doing intense energy work. I would like you to add some tips to the list in your comments.

4 Spiritual Self-Care Practices for Energy Practitioners:



1. Stay anchored.

When doing energy work, pay attention to your feet. When you feel overloaded or exhausted, it can be as simple as moving your toes. Keep your literal connection to the land beneath you.



2. Breathe.

When the energies around us are intense, many studies have shown that we stop breathing as an intuitive reaction to stress. Follow the rhythm of your breathing to inhale and exhale. Exhale hard enough to hear it. Fill your diaphragm with air, then release in a strong exhalation.



3. Use the tools.

Gemstones such as onyx, kyanite, and smoky quartz protect the wearer. They remove the dissonant or negative energies and transform them. I choose the smell of Sanctus oil, which is protective and also the energy that surrounds me by placing a drop on each of my 7 chakra points.

Always cleanse with sage or palo santo in the form of smoke or hydrosol before and after working with energy, even if it is far away.



4. Project, or release the energies.

It’s more complex. When I am heavily tested by the energy of another, I do one of two things: I channel the tension into an object (something that I can burn easily, like a small dry leaf or a piece of paper) and then I burn it.

It is an easy and very effective version. Or, alternatively, I use my “mirror technique”: I place my hand in the direction of the other person, I imagine that the palm of my hand is a mirror and I send back this person the energy they send me.

This is my favorite advice because if the energy it sends is positive, it will retransmit this positivity. But if it does not, it will receive negative energy and I will be protected.

I hope these tips will help you as you bring your gifts into the world to share with others. I send you strong blessings of self-care and protection.


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